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All of our product, placement, relationship and service support is available for cases with One Family.  As the lender pays broker directly (a common setup with Equity Release) we are unable to pay on completion but our team are able to help you with any payment queries.   Brilliant offers incredible procuration fees with One Family. To see the latest procuration fee rates visit our procuration fee table.

Download their simple guide here.  Remember to add Brilliant to your payment route on Registration setup, it is part of the process., otherwise, see 'How to add Brilliant as a payment route' below. 

To add Brilliant Solutions as a payment route, update your 'User Profile' to add Brilliant as a payment route. One Family are happy to support if needed. 

All contacts are available here.  Remember if you require enhanced support then contact us.

Why Use ?

Their product set is clear and flexible with a real focus on the customer that is backed by common sense underwriting.

Direct access to the underwriters that are making the decision on the cases you submit. It makes all the difference.

It is a Friendly Society meaning it is owned by its members. It is the 3rd largest Friendly Society in the UK.

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