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Accord Mortgages is a dedicated intermediary-only lender and part of Yorkshire Building Society Group. They exist to help brokers look after what matters most, their clients.

At Accord you can expect a common-sense approach, not just to lending but applied to everything they do, with every case for every broker. 

We care because you do

At Accord, we know just how much you value your clients. You know them personally and you’re passionate about going the extra mile to help them. That's why we’re committed to supporting you to strengthen your relationships with them.

Jeremy Duncombe, Director of Intermediary Distribution at Accord Mortgages said:

"Accord is committed to supporting brokers to build the best relationships and get the best results. We’re always looking for innovative ways to support intermediaries and reviewing our products and offerings to ensure we’re providing the best possible service.’’

Why choose ?

Key Features:

Lending with common sense

Flexible Underwriting

If you have a trickier case to place, their flexible underwriting is there to make complex easy.

There’s no referrals, no ‘committees’ and certainly no special treatment based on the number of cases given.

Understanding the Need for Speed and Service

Speed of service is key in order to get brokers that lending decision quickly.

Dedicated Underwriters

Once a case is placed a dedicated underwriter will manage the case from start to finish, and they can be contacted directly.

Top the above off with our competitive product range, higher LTV lending and up to 5x income affordability and we know you will be happy doing business with Accord.

Find out more about Accord, click here.

Lending with common sense

Common sense underwriting

We do cases that might surprise you, giving your clients high street product rates even if their needs are unusual.

Your own underwriter that you can call

Every case is managed by just one underwriter and you can call them direct.

Welcome call

Your underwriter will call you to discuss each case.

Service that works for you

Mortgage Sales and Origination (MSO)

Accords new mortgage platform – Mortgage Sales and Origination (MSO) system for residential applications. MSO makes it quicker and easier for brokers to submit new cases.  

To see how easy a new application is on the new platform click on the links below:  

Visit our website to find the current range of products we offer.

Products and criteria that help you, help your client

Tools and useful links

The Affordability Calculator will give you a quick estimate of how much your client.

Get a better understanding of the potential savings that your client could make by offsetting their savings against their mortgage.

Find out what we can offer your client

Quickly find specifics on our Residential criteria.

Quickly find specifics on our BTL criteria.

The essential resource for brokers who want to build their business.

How to submit business to Accord Mortgages

Access is quick, easy & secure and once you do,
you'll be able to submit new business to us.

Geographical/Postcode restriction:

Accord BTL do not lend on properties in the following locations:

  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Channel Islands
  • Isle of Man

  • Contact Details

    Postal address for Advisers:

    Accord Mortgages
    Yorkshire House
    Yorkshire Drive
    BD5 8LJ

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