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Intermediary solutions as individual as your clients

Every client has different needs. Your clients come to you because you’ll find a mortgage solution that fits their needs not a lender’s. Brokers come to us because we understand this and don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

Each and every application you make through us is assessed on its individual merits. While we can’t lend to everyone, our team will work with you to understand your client and what we may be able to do for them, helping you to find solutions.

Our Flexible Mortgage Underwriting

Why choose ?


  • We consider applications from any industry.
  • One year contracting history required, otherwise max 70% LTV.
  • Weekly income grossed up by 46 weeks – minimum calculated income of £50,000 per annum.

Buy To Let

  • We can lend to first time landlords, non owner occupiers and first time buyers.
  • We can lend up to 75% LTV on Interest Only and 80% LTV on Capital & Interest.
  • We can lend a maximum of £1m, on up to 3 BTLs. This increases to £1.5m in London & S.E. England.

Large Loans

  • Direct access to underwriters and dedicated specialist case management desk for £1m+ loans.
  •  Available to 75% LTV up to £2m, with C&I top up to 80% LTV.
  • A range of fixed and offset discounted products available.

If you have a new business enquiry for a loan of £1m+ which is complex or doesn’t meet our standard lending criteria, you can speak to our underwriters directly. 

Interest Only

  • Maximum LTV is 75%.
  • For part & part loans we can lend up to 80% LTV, as long as anything over 75% LTV is C&I.
  • A range of acceptable repayment vehicles.

First Time Buyers

  • Currently available up to 85% LTV.
  • No product fee.
  • We’ll consider any applicant who has not had a mortgage in the last 12 months as a first time buyer.

Self Employed

  • We will use the customer’s % of pre-tax profit plus director’s remuneration.
  • We require 3 years accounts and take an average over the most recent 2 years (unless the most recent year is lower in which case the most recent year is used).


Our mortgages for professionals are for loans between £80k and £750k and currently up to 85% LTV, where one or more of the applicants are fully qualified and employed in the following occupations: Accountants, architects, barristers, chartered surveyors, dentists, engineers, financial advisers, medical doctors, nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, pilots, police officers, solicitors, teachers and vets. 

Offset Mortgages

Credit balances in linked Clydesdale offset savings and current accounts do not earn credit interest. Instead they reduce the interest paid on the mortgage. As there is no credit interest paid, there is no tax to pay on interest either. Sole Traders or Simple Partnerships can offset their business accounts.

New Build

  • Maximum residential New Build LTVs: Currently 85% for houses and 80% for flats, Maximum BTL New Build LTVs: 80% for houses and 70% for flats.
  • Dedicated specialist desks for both new enquiries and case management.
  • Offers valid for 180 days from date of issue 

New Build mortgage criteria

Contacting us and your BDM

For help and support with any applications, please contact your dedicated field Business Development Manager, you can find their contact details on our BDM Finder. 

Don’t forget that you can find the latest status of an application in our case tracking updates. If you do need to call us, you can find contact details on our website or you can talk to one of our colleagues via our live chat  

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Hints & Tips

We have produced some hints & tips to assist with your completion of the application which will help us to process the application as fast as possible for your clients

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