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Fleet Mortgages

Fleet Mortgages, the Buy-To-Let specialist lender, has continued to operate through the pandemic and we have quickly worked our way back to the ‘new normal’.

Fleet Mortgages is an intermediary only lender who caters to both professional and amateur landlords, on an Individual or or Limited Company/Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) basis, for both regular residential properties, HMOs and Multi-Unit Freehold Blocks. 

Current Service Levels 

  • We always strive to keep our turnaround times to 24-hrs on DIPs, valuations, and documents.
  • Take a look at our Live Chat and speak to a member of our highly experienced BDM team immediately.
  • No switchboards or recorded messages, you can speak directly to our dedicated BDMs when calling our office.  Our average call wait time is less than 30 seconds! 
  • You can also get through direct to your underwriter.
  • Get a same-day response by emailing us at [email protected] or your BDM direct. 

Flexible Criteria

Rental Calculations start from 125% @ 5.5%, or payrate

Minimum age 21 (25 for first time landlord) up to a maximum age 89 at start and 95 at end of mortgage term.

No stress testing/affordability checks on background BTL portfolio.

Properties next door are acceptable.

Remortgaging within 6 months - We will lend against the new property value if significant works have been completed. Land Registry must show the borrower as the owner of the property.

We allow properties with balcony/deck access.

We accept properties above or adjacent to commercial.

Minimum Income - £15k.

Multiple sources of income accepted including rental income.

Capital Raising allowed for all purposed, excluding gambling and some tax bills.

Up to £5 million exposure with us.

Free/discounted valuations on all standard and Limited Company/Limited Liability Partnership cases (Not HMOs or MUBs).

80% LTV for individual loans up to £750,000 for standard properties, with a minimum valuation of £100,000.


Limited Company/LLP

- Lend up to 80% LTV (65% to £2m, 70% to £1.5m, 75% to £1m, 80% to £750k)
- New, existing or subsidiary SPVs
- Up to 4 applicants
- Individual to Ltd Company/LLP name
- Intercompany & Director loans


- Licenced HMOs up to 6 bedrooms
- Up to 10 self-contained units in one freehold title
- 2 self-contained units under one title qualifies for our standard products
- Shared accommodation available on our standard products

Contact Details

At Fleet Mortgages you can contact both an experienced internal and external BDM who are always happy to help.

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