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People in our industry talk about specialist lending’. And sure, technically that’s what we do, but ‘specialist’ isn’t how we see ourselves. Ditch the industry chat and our business is simple
it’s just lending for real life. 

And real life isn’t all nine to five. There are self-employed people out there, folks who make a living as landlords, people who have maybe been through some tough times, or who have the odd gremlin on their credit reportYou know, real people. Which brings us back to what we do.

Pepper Money believe in challenging the accepted. They take a more human approach to underwriting, to build a truer picture and reach a fairer outcome for your customers. 

They pride themselves on their ability to look beyond the numbers on a credit score and their specialist team of skilled, mandated underwriters review each case on its own merits.

Their ever-improving range of tools such as Residential & Buy to Let affordability calculators provide a guide of the maximum amount your customer may be able to borrow. Plus, you can identify the right product and documents required for your customer in seconds with their Product Finder and Document Finder.

With broad criteria, competitive pricing and a positive lending attitude, they help you to help more of your customers. From first time buyers and the recently self-employed to those with adverse credit or complex incomes.

Why choose The Mortgage Lender ?

We’re all about the square pegs and the sore thumbs.
And that’s why we lend to:

Never mind the orthodox


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