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Foundation Update

Foundation Home Loans has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion. 

Expat mortgages from Foundation now for individuals as well as Limited Companies – plus new product range

Foundation’s expat proposition is now available to landlord individuals who are UK nationals living as expats worldwide as well as to Limited Companies.

  • New range of Expat specific products including options for Green, Short Term Lets, HMO all up to 75% LTV
  • ICR calculated same as the core range: Stress tested at 125% for basic rate tax payers and Limited Companies, and 145% for others
  • Reduced fee of 1.25% across the Expat range
  • Accepting individual applications from over 60 countries, including EU/EEA/Switzerland subject to conditions
  • Expats products starting from 3.24%

As of Today (24th February 2022) Foundation Home Loan’s Expat mortgages are available to non- SPV landlord individual expatriates as well as limited companies.

As well as broadening their lending criteria, Foundation Home Loans have introduced a new range of specific products for Expats looking to purchase or remortgage a buy to let property including options for Green, Short Term Lets, HMOs all up to 75% LTV, and with a reduced fee of 1.25% across the Expat range, except for the Green option which continues to benefit from the 0.75% fee of the
Green range.

  • F1 2-Year fixed rate at 3.54% and 5-Year fixed rate at 3.74%, both with a 1.25% Fee
  • F1 ERC-free 2-Year variable with currently 3.24% pay rate (2.25% discount) with a 1.25% Fee
  • 5-Year Green* Expat fixed 3.59% with a 0.75% Fee, £500 cashback
  • F2 2-Year fixed rate 3.69% and 5-Year fixed rate at 3.84%, both with a 1.25% Fee
  • HMO Expat 5-Year fixed rate at 3.89% with a 1.25% Fee
  • Short-Term Let Expat 2-Year fixed rate at 3.79 and 5-Year fixed rate at 3.99, both with a 1.25% Fee

*Green for properties with an EPC rating of ‘C’ or above.

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Why use Foundation for your next BTL case?

Who for?

  • Individual or limited company
  • Limited companies with complex structures
  • Up to 4 directors
  • Newly incorporated limited companies acceptable
  • No minimum term of employment/self-employment and no minimum income
  • Products for first time landlords
  • Expats considered as individuals or via Ltd Cos

How much?

  • Up to 80% LTV on core range
  • Loans up to £2m on core range
  • ICR of 125% for limited company borrowers and basic rate taxpayers and 145% for others
  • No limit to portfolio size, subject to maximum borrowing of £5m with Foundation

What for?

  • Specialist properties such as HMOs, short term lets and Multi Unit Blocks
  • HMOs: up to 8 bedrooms and MUBs: up to 10 units
  • Green Mortgages available for purchase and remortgage
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