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Get paid on the day of completion for a mortgage or secured loan through any channel.

Available for:

That’s it! We will run our checks and make your payment that day.
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The Fastest Paying Mortgage Club as Standard

Even if you do not wish to submit an express payment request, we will still pay the commission on the same day that we receive the payment and corresponding lender statement. We pay the same day, every day.

Our Express Payment Checks

We are paying you before we receive the funds so before we will make the advance payment we will run the following checks:


We independently confirm legal completion with the solicitor.
Lenders define completion as release of funds despite the possibility of funds being returned.


We confirm the proc fee directly with the lender and that we are the payment route.
This can take some time due to lender and solicitor service standards.

On successful completion of these independent checks, we pay you. We ask for your request before 3pm to make this feasible. You will get a clear statement with all of the relevant details.

Equity Release

Some Equity Release lenders pay brokers directly.  In these circumstances, express payment is unavailable.  Where these lenders pay through us, express payment is still available.

For packaged mortgages and secured loans you don’t need to do anything. As soon as we are informed that the case has completed, we will make the payment. It is as simple as that!

Bridging, Commercial and Referrals

We do not offer payment on completion here as lender payment times can be considerable.  Also, significant fees may be due from clients which we need to collect before making payments. We will still pay on the same day that we receive all sums due.
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