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Secured Loans

Low fees, high commissions with total control and flexibility.

The lowest range of fees in the market. Flexibility to pay costs upfront or on completion. Stay in control and submit direct to lender, advise and use a packager or refer. All of this plus market leading proc fees, paying 100% on all referred or packaged cases.

Making secured loans work for you and your clients .

Market Leading Procuration Fees

We pay an unbeatable 100% of the proc fee for referred or packaged cases. We retain only our fee, the lowest we are aware of in the market. We won’t be beaten on mortgage club commission either. Earn more with Brilliant.

Lowest Range of Fees in the Market

We are committed to charging low fees business wide, secured loans is no exception. We charge incredibly low fees for packaging and referral (advice) ensuring that secured loans work for you and your client.

Best Outcomes for Clients

The regulator heavily encourages secured loans to be considered and using Brilliant gives you access to the industry’s products without fees making the solution inappropriate. We put your clients first.

Packager Services (Master Broking)

We will support you through this unique process with our experienced team. As packagers, we have unrivalled lender and product access with the ability to negotiate with underwriters and make a real difference.

Referral Services​

Take no risks with advice or your client. We assess pre-referral, minimising disruption and ensuring the client gets the most appropriate product. We pay 100% of the proc fee so no risk comes with no loss of income.

Direct to Lender Submission via Mortgage Club

For those advisers that are experienced in the secured loans sector, we offer direct to lender access through our mortgage club with all of the benefits of our mortgage club services including great support, competitive proc fees and payment on completion.


We have access to every major secured loans lender in the UK through our extensive panel. Click below for full details:

Your Role Our Role Deal Costs Our Fee* Your Fee & Commission
Refer We Advise & Package Nil £2,495 Charge no fee
Earn 100% Proc
Refer We Advise & Package Variable £1,495 Charge no fee
Earn 100% Proc
Advise Packaging Nil £1,995 Earn 100% of your fee
PLUS 100% Proc
Advise Packaging £199** £995 Earn 100% of your fee
PLUS 100% Proc
Advise Direct to Lender Club Nil Nil Earn 100% of your fee
PLUS 100% Proc

*Where our fee includes deal costs it includes valuations up to a £1m limit.

**£199 costs does not include the cost of a full valuation if this is required.

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