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Why Equity Release?

Part of your later life advice. Whether you refer, use a support team or advise yourself. It’s a revitalised product with huge benefits for you and your clients.


Benefits of Equity Release

Client Benefits

This can be incredibly important for many with family homes and a retirement income shortfall.  Asset rich and cash poor clients no longer need to sell their family home which gives stability and security in their lives and can have a huge emotional impact.

Whether clients are stuck on interest only mortgages or are a mortgage prisoner for any other reason, Equity Release can be a viable solution. 

Whether it is IHT or other forms of taxation, equity release can form part of the tax planning toolkit.

First time buyers are getting more support than ever from others and this can often mean using intergenerational sources of funding.  Equity release can unlock funds to help family members in need.

Whether it is for a second home, a holiday of a lifetime or simply more income to enjoy a retirement, equity release allows clients the freedom to choose. 

There are occasions when an equity release mortgage with a repayment plan may be cheaper than an alternative term mortgage or other sources of finance.  New products give more choice and flexibility too.

It may be the best means of solving a debt repayment or interest only mortgage problem which in turn can solve a retirement income gap too.

It may be the case that clients wish to receive expensive care or treatment, perhaps care in their own home.  This can be incredibly expensive but equity release can make this feasible.

Broker Benefits

That is what this is about.  Make sure they get the better outcomes (see Client section above and Product section below) through you and not with another adviser.

Not only are equity release cases lucrative but they also enable cases to complete that would not have completed otherwise and in addition, present fantastic opportunities to talk about intergenerational support; bolstering your FTB completions too.

Not only will better advice help you to stand out and earn you more referrals but your clients will not be going elsewhere either.  Build your business and your referrals.

Any negative reputation within the market has gone.  Products are client centric and need to be considered in line with all later life lending products.  They could even be raised by first time buyers.

Thanks to the demographics of the nation, the market is only growing.  Add to that the intergenerational support and the development of the products.  This is an exciting growth area for all involved, a fact that is well publicised.

Rather than simply talk to an equity release business or take cases on yourself, you now have the option to talk to Brilliant to ensure that all alternatives are considered.  You can then advise or refer with confidence.  Our mortgage club includes equity release lenders and our referral proposition stands out from others.

Make Equity Release part of your later life lending advice

If you want to advise we can support you with our mortgage club which includes excellent equity release solutions and support.  

If you wish to refer a client to an equity release specialist then we have a referral proposition that stands out. Have a look at our Equity Release Referral proposition

Don’t forget you can also talk through queries with our team on 01792 277 555.  We will consider all alternatives, not just equity release. 

Client friendly modern equity release products

  1. A ‘No Negative Equity’ guarantee
  2. Repayment options available
  3. Lifetime mortgages mean your clients always own their home
  4. Reputable lenders such as LV=, Aviva and Legal & General


Get in touch and talk to the partners directly. Let us know about your business and what you want from equity release.

Start Your Equity Release Journey

Consider Scenarios

If you think there is a chance of an equity release alternative then why not run the case past our team?  We can also support with alternative later life lending solutions. 

Consider Scenarios


Refer a case and build a relationship with our referral partner.  Get to know how they can work with you and your clients to get the best outcomes for your clients. 



Build your practical understanding and possibly even get qualified.  Refer directly with confidence and start to generate more business yourself.


Build Your Business

Start building your equity release business by working with your referral partner and using your own methods to increase the levels of equity release completions.  This applies to your existing clients as well as attracting new ones. 

Build Your Business

Advise or Refer

Volumes and knowledge levels are high so it’s a great time to advise but you can always refer if it suits you. 

Advise or Refer

Enhanced Terms

If you build up your business you may qualify for enhanced lender terms too and other incentives. 

Enhanced Terms
How will you look after your Equity Release clients?

Contact our team for more information

Contact us on 01792 277555 and speak to our team.
Or simply complete the form below and we'll contact you with more information.

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