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Just provide products and services that help customers achieve a better later life and believe that financial intermediaries are best placed to help people with the choices they need to make to achieve this.

The Just For You Lifetime Mortgage is designed to allow an initial lump sum release with the added flexibility of a cash facility, which clients can use to release extra amounts in the future. Our lifetime mortgage also provides an option to pay some or all of the monthly interest amount at a reduced rate to the roll-up interest rate, helping to manage the overall cost of the loan amount.

Using our expert underwriting capability gives your clients the potential to borrow an even higher amount based on their medical and lifestyle conditions.

To see the latest procuration fee rates visit our procuration fee table.

Why Use Just for Equity Release?

Just is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist financial services solutions, completely focused on meeting the needs of people thinking about, approaching, or in retirement.

Just, have a strong social purpose - a beacon within financial services.

Key features for considering Just:

Support Material


Just offer Academies on-demand where you can learn at a time convenient to you.

All sessions qualify for CPD issued by Just once completed.

Just also offer webinars that are designed to give you greater insight into important issues concerning the retirement market.

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