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The office will be closed from 5pm today for staff training, open as normal tomorrow. 

Our office will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 20th October to 9am Friday, 21st October.
If you have any cases or enquiries that this may affect, please contact our team today. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are currently experiencing some technical issues that are affecting our telephone lines and internet connection.

We hope to resolve this asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.


In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our offices will be closed on Monday 19th September while our staff pay their respects.

The office will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 20th September.

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Procuration Fees

Get paid on the day of completion for a mortgage or secured loan through any channel.

Lender Product Range Gross Sum Received Net Sum Paid
Proc Fee % Min Max Proc Fee % Min Max
type_mor chan_dtlAccordBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlAccordResidential0.45%£200 new business0.425%£200 new business
type_mor chan_dtlAccordProduct Transfers & Further Advances0.30%£500.275%£50
type_mor chan_dtlAccordPorted products0.30%0.275%
type_mor chan_dtlAldermoreBuy to Let0.65%0.60%
type_mor chan_dtlAldermoreResidential0.55%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlAldermoreProduct Transfer0.35%0.30%
type_mor chan_dtlBank of IrelandBuy to Let inc Further Advances0.50%£10,0000.48%£9,600
type_mor chan_dtlBank of IrelandFirst Start0.50%£10,0000.48%£9,600
type_mor chan_dtlBank of IrelandResidential inc Further Advances0.40%£10,0000.38%£9,600
type_mor chan_dtlBank of IrelandProduct Transfer (submitted after 9/1/24)0.30%£10,0000.28%£9,600
type_mor chan_dtlBank of IrelandPorting (Top Up only)0.40%£10,0000.38%£9,600
type_mor chan_dtlBarclaysBuy to Let0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlBarclaysResidential0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlBarclaysFurther Advances0.30%0.29%
type_mor chan_dtlBarclaysRate Switch0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_pkgBath Building SocietyAll Products (Packaged)0.80%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlBath Building SocietyAll Products0.375%0.35%
type_mor chan_pkgBluestoneAll Products (Packaged)0.90% + £1800.50%
type_mor chan_dtlBluestoneAll Products0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlBluestoneProduct Transfers0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlBM SolutionsAll Products0.44%0.42%
type_mor chan_pkgBuckinghamshire Building SocExclusives (Packaged)0.80%£4,0000.40%£2,000
type_mor chan_dtlBuckinghamshire Building SocBuy to Let0.42%£4,0000.40%£3,800
type_mor chan_dtlBuckinghamshire Building SocResidential0.40%£4,0000.38%£3,800
type_mor chan_dtlBuckinghamshire Building SocProduct Transfer0.22%0.20%
type_mor chan_dtlBuildLoanMelton Mowbray0.45%0.40%£1,000
type_mor chan_dtlBuildLoanChorley0.40%0.37%
type_mor chan_dtlCambridge Building SocietyAll products0.40%£1500.37%£150
type_mor chan_dtlCambridge Building SocietyFurther Advances0.40%0.37%
type_mor chan_dtlCambridge Building SocietyProduct Switch0.30%£112.500.28%£112.50
type_sec chan_intCentral TrustSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_pkgCentral TrustSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_dtlCentral TrustSecured Loans1.50%1.25%
type_mor chan_dtlCHL MortgagesAll products0.55%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlChorley Building SocietyBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlChorley Building SocietyResidential0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlClydesdale BankBTL0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlClydesdale BankResidential0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlClydesdale BankProduct Transfer0.20%0.18%
type_mor chan_dtlCouttsBTL0.45%£250£20,0000.40%£225£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlCouttsResidential0.35%£250£20,0000.32%£225£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlCouttsRetention Products0.20%£20,0000.19%£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlCoventry Building SocietyAll Products0.43%£15,0000.40%£14,750
type_mor chan_dtlCoventry Building SocietyFurther Advance (from 18/4)0.43%£15,0000.40%£14,750
type_mor chan_dtlCoventry Building SocietyRetention Products0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlDarlingtonAll products0.37%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlDarlingtonRetention products0.20%0.18%
type_mor chan_pkgDudley Building SocietyAll Products – Packaged0.80%0.37%
type_mor chan_dtlDudley Building SocietyProduct Transfer0.25%0.23%
type_mor chan_dtlEarl Shilton Building Society (ESBS)All Products0.40% + £25£250 + £250.40%£250
type_sec chan_pkgEquifinanceSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_intEquifinanceSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_mor chan_pkgFamily Building SocietyBuy to Let – Packaged0.90%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgFamily Building SocietyResidential – Packaged0.80%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyFamily Mortgage0.57%£256.500.55%£256.50
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyFamily Mortgage – Product Transfers0.57%0.55%
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyBuy to Let0.52%£2340.50%£234
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyBuy to Let – Product Transfers0.52%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyOffset Mortgage0.52%£2340.50%£234
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyOffset Mortgage – Product Transfers0.52%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyResidential0.42%£1890.40%£189
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyResidential – Product Transfers0.42%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyFurther Advances0.27%£5.400.25%£5.40
type_mor chan_dtlFamily Building SocietyProduct Transfers – prior to 5/100.22%0.20%
type_mor chan_pkgFleet MortgagesAll Products – Packaged0.80%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlFleet MortgagesAll Products0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlFleet MortgagesRetention Products0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_pkgFoundation Home LoansSemi Commercial (Packaged)1.20%0.70%
type_mor chan_pkgFoundation Home LoansAll Products – Packaged0.85%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlFoundation Home LoansAll Products0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlFoundation Home LoansProduct Transfer0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlFurness Building SocietyAll Products0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlFurness Building SocietyProduct Transfers0.30%0.29%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankLtd Co, Portfolio BTL & Expat0.70%0.65%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankHMO & MUFB0.70%0.65%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankHome Purchase Plan0.55%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankSingle Unit BTL0.55%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankLtd Co, Portfolio BTL, Ex Pat (introduced)0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankHMO & MUFB (introduced)0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankHouse Purchase Plan (introduced)0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankSingle Unit BTL (introduced)0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlGatehouse BankProduct Transfer0.30%0.25%
type_mor chan_dtlGeneration HomeAll Products0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlGeneration HomeProduct Transfer0.25%0.23%
type_mor chan_dtlGodivaBuy to Let0.43%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlGodivaRetention Products0.30%0.28%
type_bri chan_dtlGreenfieldAll Products1.50%1.30%
type_bri chan_pkgGreenfieldAll Products – Packaged1.50%0.75%
type_mor chan_dtlHabitoResidential0.75%0.70%
type_mor chan_dtlHabitoBuy to Let0.70%0.65%
type_mor chan_dtlHalifaxAll Products – inc Further Advances & PTs0.36%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlHinckley & RugbyAll Products0.42%£2250.40%£225
type_mor chan_dtlHinckley & RugbyProduct Transfer0.20%0.18%
type_mor chan_dtlHodge50+ Mortgage (inc Further Advances)0.55%£2250.50%£225
type_mor chan_dtlHodgeRIO (inc Further Advances)0.55%£2250.50%£225
type_mor chan_dtlHodgeProfessional (inc Further Advances)0.45%£2250.40%£225
type_mor chan_dtlHodgeHoliday Let (inc Further Advances)0.55%£2250.50%£225
type_mor chan_dtlHodgeProduct Transfers (applications from 18/12/23)0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlHSBCBTL0.50%0.48%
type_mor chan_dtlHSBCResidential0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlHSBCProduct Transfers0.20%0.19%
type_bri chan_pkgInterbayBridging (Packaged)2.00%1.00%
type_bri chan_pkgInterbayAll Products (exc bridging – Packaged)1.50%0.75%
type_bri chan_dtlInterbayBridging1.20%1.00%
type_bri chan_dtlInterbayCommercial1.05%0.85%
type_mor chan_dtlInterbayBTL0.70%0.50%
type_bri chan_dtlInterbayProduct Transfer0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonFlexi Fixed Term Products0.75%0.70%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonFlexi Fixed Term – Porting0.50%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonResidential0.50%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonProduct Transfer0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlKensingtonFlexi Fixed Term – Additional Lending0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_pkgKent Reliance for IntermediariesBTL – (packaged – loans above £200k)0.70%0.45%
type_mor chan_pkgKent Reliance for IntermediariesBTL – (packaged – loans below £200k)0.70%0.35%
type_mor chan_pkgKent Reliance for IntermediariesResidential – (packaged – loans above £200k)0.60%0.35%
type_mor chan_pkgKent Reliance for IntermediariesResidential (packaged – loans below £200k)0.60%0.30%
type_mor chan_dtlKent Reliance for IntermediariesBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlKent Reliance for IntermediariesBuy to Let – Further Advances0.50%£1500.45%£150
type_mor chan_dtlKent Reliance for IntermediariesResidential0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlKent Reliance for IntermediariesResidential – Further Advances0.40%£1500.35%£150
type_mor chan_dtlKent Reliance for IntermediariesProduct Transfers0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlKeystoneAll Products0.80%0.75%
type_mor chan_dtlKeystoneProduct Transfers & Retentions0.45%0.40%
type_mor chan_pkgLandbayAll Products (Packaged)0.85%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlLandbayAll Products0.55%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlLandbayProduct Transfer0.35%0.32%
type_mor chan_dtlLeeds Building SocietyBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlLeeds Building SocietyResidential0.40%0.37%
type_mor chan_dtlLeeds Building SocietyProducts Transfers0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_dtlLegal & General (Lender)RIO0.55%TBCTBC0.50%TBCTBC
type_bri chan_dtlLendInvestBridging1.50%1.25%
type_mor chan_pkgLendInvestBuy To Let (Packaged)1.00%0.60%
type_mor chan_dtlLendInvestBuy To Let0.70%0.60%
type_mor chan_pkgLendInvestResidential (packaged)0.80%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlLendInvestResidential0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgLiveMoreEnhanced proc – 20 yr fixed for life (Packaged)1.50%1.08%
type_mor chan_dtlLiveMoreEnhanced proc fee – 20 yr fixed for life1.10%1.08%
type_mor chan_pkgLiveMoreAll products (Packaged)0.95%0.53%
type_mor chan_dtlLiveMoreAll Products0.55%0.53%
type_mor chan_dtlLiveMoreOngoing Client Care – paid p/a – up to 15 yrs (excludes 20 yr fixed for life)0.13%0.12%
type_mor chan_pkgMansfield Building SocietyBTL – SPV Ltd Co & Family (packaged)0.80%0.40%
type_mor chan_pkgMansfield Building SocietyEx Pat BTL (packaged)0.80%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgMansfield Building SocietyVersatility (packaged)0.80%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyEx-Pat Buy to Let0.52%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyRIO0.50%0.48%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyBuy to Let0.42%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyBTL – SPV Ltd Co & Family0.42%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyResidential0.37%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlMansfield Building SocietyVersatility0.37%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlMelton Building SocietySelf Build0.50%£1500.45%£150
type_mor chan_dtlMelton Building SocietyBTL & RIO0.45%£1500.40%£150
type_mor chan_dtlMelton Building SocietyResidential (inc Shared Ownership & RTB)0.40%£1500.38%£150
type_mor chan_dtlMelton Building SocietyRetention Products0.26%£1500.25%£150
type_mor chan_dtlMetroBuy To Let0.43%0.41%
type_mor chan_dtlMetroResidential0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlMetroRate Switch0.30%0.285%
type_mor chan_dtlMolo FinanceBuy To Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlMolo FinanceProduct Transfer0.35%0.30%
type_mor chan_dtlMPoweredBuy To Let0.60%0.55%
type_mor chan_dtlMPoweredResidential0.40%0.35%
type_mor chan_dtlNationwideAll Products0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlNationwideFurther Advances0.35%£1000.33%£100
type_mor chan_dtlNationwideRetention Products0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_dtlNatwestBuy to Let0.45%£250£20,0000.40%£225£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlNatwestResidential0.35%£250£20,0000.32%£225£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlNatwestProduct Transfers0.20%£20,0000.19%£19,500
type_mor chan_dtlNewbury Building SocietyAll products0.42%£125£3,5000.40%£125£3,350
type_mor chan_dtlNewbury Building SocietyProduct Transfer & Retention products0.20%0.18%
type_mor chan_dtlNewcastle Building SocietyBuy to Let0.50%0.47%
type_mor chan_dtlNewcastle Building SocietyResidential0.40%0.39%
type_mor chan_dtlNewcastle Building SocietyProduct Transfers0.20%0.19%
type_sec chan_intNortonSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_pkgNortonSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_mor chan_pkgNortonStandard Mortgages (packaged)2.00%1.00%
type_mor chan_pkgNortonPrime Mortgages (packaged)1.50%1.00%
type_mor chan_dtlNortonStandard & Prime Mortgages1.00% + £501.00%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Nottingham Building SocLtd Company Buy to Let0.55%£2000.50%£200
type_mor chan_dtlThe Nottingham Building SocForeign Nationals/Expat/RIO0.50%£2000.48%£200
type_mor chan_dtlThe Nottingham Building SocAll Products0.40%£2000.38%£200
type_mor chan_dtlThe Nottingham Building SocProduct Transfer – Ltd Co BTL & RIO0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Nottingham Building SocProduct Transfer – BTL & Residential0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlParagonResidential and Buy to Let0.55%£3000.50%£250
type_mor chan_dtlParagonFurther Advances0.55%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlParagonProduct Transfer – submitted after 1/3/220.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlParagonProduct Transfers0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlPenrith Building SocietyAll products0.45%0.43%
type_mor chan_dtlPenrith Building SocietyProduct Transfers0.30%0.28%
type_sec chan_intPepper MoneySecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_pkgPepper MoneySecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_mor chan_pkgPepper MoneyAll Mortgages (Packaged)0.80%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlPepper MoneyAll Products0.50%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlPepper MoneyProduct Transfers0.27%0.25%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficeBuy To Let0.50%0.48%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficeFirst Start0.50%0.48%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficeResidential0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficeProduct Transfer0.25%0.23%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficeFurther Advances0.25%0.23%
type_mor chan_dtlPost OfficePorted Mortgages0.25%0.23%
type_bri chan_dtlPrecise MortgagesBridging1.25%1.00%
type_mor chan_pkgPrecise MortgagesRefurb BTL (Packaged)0.80% + £1800.50%
type_mor chan_pkgPrecise MortgagesResidential & BTL (Packaged)0.80% + £1800.50%
type_bri chan_pkgPrecise MortgagesRefurb Bridging (Packaged)0.75%0.50%
type_bri chan_dtlPrecise MortgagesRefurb Bridge0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlPrecise MortgagesRefurb Buy to Let0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlPrecise MortgagesResidential and Buy to Let0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlPrecise MortgagesProduct Transfers0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlPrincipality Building SocietyAll Products0.40%£2,5000.38%£2,450
type_mor chan_dtlPrincipality Building SocietyProduct Transfer0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_dtlProgressive Building SocietyAll Products0.38%£175£1,5000.36%£175£1,450
type_mor chan_dtlProgressive Building SocietyProduct Transfer0.20%£2000.19%£190
type_mor chan_dtlProportunityAll Products1.10%0.85%
type_mor chan_pkgQuantumAll products (packaged)1.10%0.70%
type_mor chan_dtlQuantumAll products0.75%0.70%
type_mor chan_pkgSaffron Building SocietyAll Products (Packaged)0.80%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlSaffron Building SocietySelf Build1.00%£1000.90%£100
type_mor chan_pkgSaffron Building SocietySelf Build Exclusive (Packaged)1.00%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlSaffron Building SocietyAll Other Products0.45%£1000.40%£100
type_mor chan_dtlSantanderBTL0.45%0.43%
type_mor chan_dtlSantanderAll Other Products0.34%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlSantanderRetention Products0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_dtlScottish WidowsAll Products (inc PTs & Ported)0.36%0.35%
type_sec chan_pkgSelina FinanceAll products – Initial drawdown2.00%£6,0002.00%£6,000
type_sec chan_pkgSelina FinanceAll products – additional drawdowns2.00%£6,0002.00%£6,000
type_sec chan_intSelina FinanceAll Products (referred)2.00%£6,0001.00% submitted after 31 July£3,000
type_sec chan_pkgShawbrookSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_dtlShawbrookSecured Loans1.50%1.25%
type_sec chan_intShawbrookSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyShared Ownership0.45%0.41%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyResidential0.40%0.37%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyBTL (Retention)0.35%0.34%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyBuy to Let (Further Advance)0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyResidential (Retention)0.30%0.29%
type_mor chan_dtlSkipton Building SocietyResidential (Further Advance)0.30%0.28%
type_sec chan_pkgSpring FinanceSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_intSpring FinanceSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_pkgStep OneSecured Loans (packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_intStep OneSecured Loans (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_mor chan_dtlSuffolk Building SocietyAll Products0.40%£1500.37%£150
type_mor chan_dtlSuffolk Building SocietyFurther Advances£150£150
type_mor chan_dtlSwansea Building SocietyAll Products0.37%0.35%
type_bri chan_dtlTAB.Bridging2.00%1.75%
type_bri chan_dtlTAB.Commercial & Residential Investment Term1.25%1.00%
type_sec chan_intTandem Home LoansSecured Loans (referred) Upper Rate Tier -Interest rates over 12%3.00% 1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_intTandem Home LoansSecured Loans (referred) Lower Rate Tier – Interest rates 12% or less2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_mor chan_pkgTandemAll Products (packaged)1.00%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlTandemAll Products0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlTandemBespoke Products0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Lender (TML)Buy to Let0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Lender (TML)Residential0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgThe Mortgage Lender (TML)Buy to Let (Packaged)0.85%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgThe Mortgage Lender (TML)Residential (Packaged)0.80%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Lender (TML)Product Transfer0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Works (TMW)Large Portfolio0.54%0.49%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Works (TMW)Ltd Co Buy to Let0.54%0.49%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Works (TMW)Buy to Let0.44%0.39%
type_mor chan_dtlThe Mortgage Works (TMW)Product Transfer0.20%0.19%
type_mor chan_pkgTipton & CoselyBTL (Packaged)0.80%£2250.45%£125
type_mor chan_pkgTipton & CoselyResidential (Packaged)0.80%£2250.45%£125
type_mor chan_dtlTipton & CoselyBTL0.45%£2250.44%£225
type_mor chan_dtlTipton & CoselyResidential0.42%£2250.41%£225
type_mor chan_dtlTipton & CoselyRetention Products0.20%0.18%
type_sec chan_pkgTogetherSecured Loans – residential(Packaged)2.00%£5,0002.00%£5,000
type_sec chan_pkgTogetherSecured Loans – Consumer BTL (Packaged)1.50%£3,0001.50%£3,000
type_sec chan_pkgTogetherSecured Loans – BTL & Homeowner Business Loan(Packaged)1.25%1.25%
type_mor chan_pkgTogetherResidential (Packaged)1.25%£7,5000.63%£3,780
type_mor chan_pkgTogetherConsumer BTL (Packaged)1.25%£7,5000.63%£3,780
type_mor chan_pkgTogetherBTL & Homeowner Business Loan (Packaged)1.50%0.80%
type_sec chan_intTogetherSecured Loans – residential(referred)2.00%£5,0001.00% submitted after 31 July£2,500
type_sec chan_intTogetherSecured Loans – Consumer BTL (referred)1.50%£3,0001.00%£2,000
type_sec chan_intTogetherSecured Loans – BTL & Homeowner Business Loan(referred)1.25%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_mor chan_dtlTSBBTL0.44%0.39%
type_mor chan_dtlTSBResidential0.35%0.33%
type_mor chan_dtlTSBProduct Transfers0.28%0.27%
type_mor chan_dtlTSBFurther Advance0.28%£1000.27%£100
type_sec chan_pkgUnited Trust BankSecured Loans: Standard (Packaged)2.00%2.00%
type_sec chan_intUnited Trust BankSecured Loans: Standard (referred)2.00%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_bri chan_pkgUnited Trust BankBridging (Packaged)2.00%1.00%
type_sec chan_dtlUnited Trust BankSecured Loans1.25%1.00%
type_mor chan_pkgUnited Trust BankUnencumbered (Packaged)1.00%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlUnited Trust BankUnencumbered1.00%0.90%
type_mor chan_pkgUnited Trust BankBuy To Let (Packaged)0.90%0.45%
type_mor chan_pkgUnited Trust BankMortgages (Packaged)0.80%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlUnited Trust BankBuy To Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlUnited Trust BankMortgages0.45%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlUnited Trust BankProduct Transfer0.40%0.38%
type_mor chan_dtlVernon Building SocietyBuy To Let0.42%£1500.40%£150
type_mor chan_dtlVernon Building SocietyResidential0.37%£1500.35%£150
type_mor chan_dtlVernon Building SocietySelf-Build0.37%£1500.35%£150
type_mor chan_dtlVernon Building SocietyRetention0.22%£1500.20%£150
type_mor chan_pkgVida HomeloansAll Products(Packaged) submitted after 11/01/221.00%0.57%
type_mor chan_dtlVida HomeloansAll Products – submitted after 11/01/220.60%0.55%
type_mor chan_dtlVida HomeloansProduct Transfer0.30%0.28%
type_mor chan_dtlVirgin MoneyResidential (Standard)0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlVirgin MoneyBuy to Let0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlVirgin MoneyPorted Mortgages0.50%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlVirgin MoneyProduct Transfer0.38%0.35%
type_sec chan_intWest OneApex 1-2 Resi – Secured Loan (referred)2.00%£5,0001.00% submitted after 31 July£2,500
type_sec chan_pkgWest OneApex 1-2 Resi – Secured Loan (packaged)2.00%£5,0002.00%£5,000
type_sec chan_intWest OneApex 0 Resi – Secured Loan (referred)2.00%£5,0001.00% submitted after 31 July£2,500
type_sec chan_pkgWest OneApex 0 Resi – Secured Loan (packaged)2.00%£5,0002.00%£5,000
type_sec chan_pkgWest OneBTL – Secured Loan (packaged)1.75%1.75%
type_sec chan_intWest OneBTL – Secured Loan (referred)1.75%1.00% submitted after 31 July
type_sec chan_pkgWest OneConsumer BTL – Secured Loan (packaged)1.50%1.50%
type_sec chan_intWest OneConsumer BTL – Secured Loan (referred)1.50%1.00%
type_bri chan_dtlWest OneBridging1.50%1.40%
type_mor chan_pkgWest OneBTL (Packaged)0.90%0.50%
type_mor chan_pkgWest OneResidential (packaged)0.75%0.40%
type_mor chan_dtlWest OneBTL0.60%0.50%
type_mor chan_dtlWest OneResidential0.50%0.40%
type_mor chan_pkgZephyrAll Products (Packaged)0.85%0.45%
type_mor chan_dtlZephyrAll Products0.50%0.45%
type_equ chan_dtlAvivaInitial Equity Release Loan2.40%£20,000 Total2.25%£20,000 Total
type_equ chan_dtlAvivaReserve Setup Element0.90%£5000.75%£500
type_equ chan_dtlCanada LifeEquity Release2.50%£500 Total£30,000 Total2.30%£500 Total£30,000
type_equ chan_dtlCanada LifeReserve Setup Element1.00%£500 Total£30,000 Total1.00%£500 Total£30,000 Total
type_equ chan_dtlJustEquity Release (Coming Soon)2.00% + Marketing£600£30,0002.00%£600£30,000
type_equ chan_dtlLegal & General (Lender)Equity Release (Initial)3.00%£525£10,0002.85%£500£10,000
type_equ chan_dtlLegal & General (Lender)Equity Release (Drawdown)1.00%1.00%
type_equ chan_dtlLiveMoreLifetime Mortgage3.00%2.85%
type_equ chan_dtlLVLifetime Mortgage Drawdown +1.75% + £1001.75%
type_equ chan_dtlLVLifetime Mortgage Lump Sum +1.75% + £1001.75%
type_equ chan_dtlMore2LifeEquity Release Products2.35%2.25%
type_equ chan_dtlOneFamilyAll Lifetime Mortgages2.50%£10,0002.30%£10,000
type_equ chan_dtlPure RetirementSovereign2.30% + £125£20,0002.30%£20,000
type_equ chan_dtlPure RetirementHeritage2.30% + £1252.30%
type_equ chan_dtlPure RetirementClassic (Limited Distribution)2.65%£10,0002.50%£10,000
type_equ chan_dtlPure RetirementClassic – Further Advance0.15%0.15%

Bridging, Development & Commercial


Our commissions are incredibly competitive.  See the specific section of the site for the Commercial Mortgage Commissions and the Bridging and Development Commissions.  


Your client comes first which means we have an incredibly expansive panel of lenders across Bridging, Development and Commercial Finance.  From ‘High Street’ lenders offering incredible value through to challenger banks with broader product opportunities & bespoke solutions for private lenders.  

There are too many lenders to list but this selection gives you an idea of our extensive panel. 

Below are some of our Commercial Lenders
From High Street to Specialist

Listed are some of our Bridging Lenders
From High Street to Specialist

Bridging, Development & Commercial

Commissions for Referrals

Earn as much as you would if you advised.  See the specific section of the site for the Commercial Mortgage Commissions and the Bridging and Development Commissions.  


A broad panel of lenders in Bridging, Development & Commercial. From ‘High St’ with low rates to challenger banks & private lenders with more opportunities.  

Select Packaging (above) to see a sample of our panel.  

Direct Panel

Bridging, Development & Commercial

We are working on bringing you an extensive panel of bridging and commercial lenders that you can access directly and still get the benefits of our specialist expertise and support. 

We currently  have a select range of partners working with us in this area.  For more information and to see if we can grant you access, contact our relationship managers.

TEL: 01792 277 555   today  or… watch this space… 

Introduce Equity Release Cases

It's about more than commission but it all helps!

  • 50% of all commission, paid on day of completion.

  • Earn £1,330 a case (on average) with low fees & in a transparent way

For more information, click here

Important Information

Our Express Payment service, paying you on the day of completion, is not available on Bridging, Development or Commercial. Full details are on our Express Payments page.

Contact our team for more information

Contact us on 01792 277555 and speak to our team.
Or simply complete the form below and we'll contact you with more information.

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