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Equity Release Referrals

A Brilliant Referral Proposition

Brilliant has partnered with national equity release specialists and established a unique proposition that is unavailable elsewhere. It delivers for you and your clients across the board and fits in with our ethos of minimising customer charges and finding the best customer solution, whatever that may be.

Making equity release referrals work for you and your clients

Client Focused

Our partners work alongside Brilliant to ensure that the outcome is in the client's best interests, considering all lenders & alternatives.

Payment on Completion

Brilliant pays you on the day of completion bringing our payment excellence to Equity Release. Know how much & when you get paid.

Support to Build Your Business

Our experienced and knowledgeable partners will work with you to generate equity release business from new and existing clients.

Enhanced Commercial Terms

Market leading commissions that make equity release worth investing in and make referring commercially viable. Complete transparency.

Fast Track Registration

Registered with Brilliant? We'll get you set up with our partners. Not yet registered with Brilliant? Fast track registration.

Relationship Led & No Cross-Selling

Our partners understand brokers & are relationship driven. Your clients remain your clients; partners only advise on Equity Release.


Get in touch and talk to the partners directly. Let us know about your business and what you want from equity release.

Fees and Commissions

Type Sum Note
Broker Fee Fixed at £1,490 Transparent & low.
You can control any client incentives.
Your Commission 1.80% of initial advance unless commission hits lender max, then it is 65% of the max. Transparent & high.
Deductions for any agreed
client incentives apply.
Equity Release Partner Retains broker fee plus any sum of proc fee over 1.80%, paying Brilliant from this sum Proc fee disclosed on KFI

Fee & Commission Example

Scenario Client borrows £90,000 using equity release through a Brilliant Partner
Broker Fee Charged to Client £1,490 only, charged by the Equity Release Partner. No hidden fees.
Your Commission 1.80% x £90,000 = £1,620 which is paid on the day of completion by Brilliant Solutions


Typical Case – An average Equity Release Advance is approximately £83,000 meaning that a typical commission would be approximately £1,500 at 1.80%. 

Client Incentive – If the above example included a cashback of £490 which you wanted to give to the client (or felt was needed), you would receive £1,010.  These typically happen in less than 5% of cases but gives you control and flexibility. 

Lender Max Cap – If the gross commission is capped by the lender then you will receive 65% of this maximum cap, e.g. on a case yielding a procuration fee capped at £10,000 you would receive £6,500 capped and not 1.80% of the initial advance.

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