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Commercial Mortgages

When your client needs a truly specialist solution to a business opportunity, we can help. Whole of market access across regulated and unregulated lenders and all delivered with no upfront fees and complete transparency.

All commercial mortgages covered:

Advise or Not Advise?

As a broker you can choose - we have both options covered.

How does it work?


Choose your distribution method



Commercial Packaging

We provide support to you whilst you advise your client. These cases can be time consuming and long running so support can be vital. You will still earn high commissions too.



Introduce / Refer

If you cannot or do not wish to advise, we can deal directly with your client. Importantly, there is a no cross-sell agreement and you still receive the same brilliant commissions.


Direct to Lender

Where available, we can also support you whilst you submit directly to the lender. Retain total control whilst benefiting from our support and expertise. Commissions vary by lender.


Indicative Terms (Equivalent of Sourcing or Placement)

Give us the details and your preferred channel and we will get you indicative terms, quickly. The more info you give us, the more we can help. We then ask for more information leading on to…


Transparent Terms (Equivalent of a DIP/AIP)

We issue full disclosure terms including all relevant fees, pricing and terms. Far more transparent than market standards.




The application is submitted, typically as per standard mortgage practice. On occasions, this is handled directly by the commercial lender meaning the client has a face to face with the lender.


Lender Terms (Equivalent of an Offer)

Terminology may differ but the principles are the same, the lender will generate formal terms. Note that as this is an unregulated sector, these may differ from (2) and (3) above depending on (4).


Broker fees will be payable, usually by a solicitor which requires a disbursement form to have been completed previously. We pay you the same day we receive all funds due. You get a happy client too!

Panel Structure

Primary Panel

We have primary panels in each core area giving access to the best products, LTVs and rate sets and ensuring we benefit from enhanced service standards and strong relationships.

Extended Panel

Where more bespoke solutions are needed, we access our extended panel enabling us to get deals done where others can not.

Fees & Commissions

No upfront fees! Our fees and commissions are incredibly competitive.  We earn enhanced proc fees and pass some enhancements to you.  This is another example of Brilliant Transparency.

We avoid high fees wherever possible so for advances over £1,000,000 fees are on a case by case basis.

Packager Fee 1% Min £1,995 Payable on completion and set on a case by case bases for advances over £1m.
Typical Proc Fee 1% to 2% Payable on completion.
Unregulated Commission 50% of Packager & Proc Payable on receipt of all income.

Contact our commercial team for more information

Contact us on 01792 277555 and speak to our team.
Or simply complete the form below and we'll contact you with more information.

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