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With over 25 years of experience in helping people to own homes, Kensington is the only specialist lender to operate across the whole of the UK. 

Why choose Kensington ?

 As one of the leading specialist mortgage lenders, our products and flexible lending criteria are designed with your clients in mind, offering solutions that meet the needs of people the high street can often overlook.

  • Income Recovery for the Self-Employed for those who saw a dip in their 20/21 income. 
  • Flexi Fixed for Term for those who want the stability and peace of mind of fixing their mortgage for 11 to 40 years with a monthly payment that never changes.
  • As long as six months have passed, our Resi 6 range can help your clients who have less than perfect credit
  • eKo Cashback mortgage offers enhanced cashback for those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their home.


K-hub is a dedicated information and service space where you can view weekly service levels, support guides, handy reminders and general updates 

The new hub has been created to help you place your cases as easily and as quickly as possible 

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