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TML has announced a market update, see below.  The TML range of products are available through our direct to lender mortgage club and our fees free packager.   Contact us to see how you can benefit from our club or packaged support. 

View their latest product and criteria here


We are launching more BTL products this coming Thursday, which will look like this

  • 2-Year 75% Limited Edition/”Hero” product on same lines as the versions we have at 5-Year 70% & 75%. 3.50% with a 1.00% comp fee
  • New High £ Fee 5-Year 75% – 3.44% with a £2,495 fee. Targeting higher loan amount cases specifically
  • New remortgage-only, non-portfolio landlord 5-Year 75% with free valuation. 3.49% with a 1.00% fee. Aimed at fast-track cases
Reach more landlords with our new low rates

We’re always looking for ways to give you and your clients more. And right now, that means charging less.

We’ve reduced our rates and fees right across our buy-to-let range. Our new rates mean we can offer more choice and flexibility, to all kinds of landlord.

And while we’re cutting rates throughout our current BTL products, we’re also introducing some brand spanking new ones. Including two and five-year, limited-edition mortgages, each with a completion fee of just 1%…

  • Reduced rates across the BTL range
  • New 2 and 5 year limited-edition mortgages with 1% completion fees
  • New 5 year fixed remortgage at 75% LTV (non-portfolio)
  • New 5 year fixed rate at 75% LTV with a £2495 fee

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