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Revolving Credit Facility

AKA a Property 'Hunter's Licence'

Find out what a revolving credit facility could do for your landlord and property investor clients.

A great facility for property developers and auction purchases.

Have funds in place when going to auctions or wanting to snap up a property quickly.  Funds can be transferred as quickly as 48 hours after submitting a draw down form to the lender. 

Just pay interest on the amount draw down which, as with bridging, is all paid for from day 1. Drawdown what you need for a purchase, then draw down what you need as and when for additional works to the property or even another property. Saves interest costs.

The facility can be reused, just a new valuation needed on security property every 12-24 months.   No need for valuation costs on new purchases saving your client money. 

No fees for not drawing down any funds during the term. No exit fees either. 

If securing on an investment property or business premises, have 75% net funds available with the serviced option. Rental income can cover monthly payments giving your client access to more funds. 

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