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Low fees, and high commissions with total control and flexibility.

Works alongside your 1st charge advice. Low and transparent fees. Best customer outcomes by working together.

Brilliant Loans only advises on secured loans and only where your client has received (or is receiving) advice on 1st charge alternatives. This gives your client the best possible outcome, maximises efficiency and protects your position as their mortgage adviser.   Brilliant!

Making secured loans work for you and your clients .

Market Leading Procuration Fees

We pay an unbeatable 100% of the proc fee. We retain only our fee, the lowest we are aware of in the market. Earn more with Brilliant.

Lowest Range of Fees in the Market

We are committed to charging low fees business wide, secured loans is no exception. We charge incredibly low fees for advice ensuring that secured loans work for you and your client.

Best Outcomes for Clients

We only take referrals from advisers who have (or are) giving 1st charge advice to ensure all options are covered.

Referral Services​

Take no risks with advice or your client. We assess pre-referral, minimising disruption and ensuring the client gets the most appropriate product.


We have access to every major secured loans lender in the UK through our extensive panel. Click below for full details:

Your Role Our Role Deal Costs Our Fee* Your Fee & Commission
Refer We Advise & Package Nil £2,495 Charge no fee
Earn 100% Proc
Refer We Advise & Package Variable £1,495 Charge no fee
Earn 100% Proc

*Where our fee includes deal costs it includes valuations up to a £1m limit.

Not giving 1st charge advice? Contact Brilliant Solutions we can still help !

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