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Buckinghamshire Update

Brilliant Solutions offers packaging expertise on Buckingham BS products so we are available to help with your cases and you can also access their products through our direct to lender mortgage club which not only gives you the support you need but pays you on the day of completion.

This is the latest announcement from Buckinghamshire BS. 


Santa’s elves deliver an Affordability Calculator to Bucks BS early!

Our enhanced affordability calculator has now launched on our website (courtesy of Santa’s elves), powered by technology from Legal & General.

The intuitive affordability calculator reviews the affordability of borrowers, but then cross-references this information against a selection of our lending criteria.

Don’t forget at Buckinghamshire that we:

  • Are a flexible lender
  • Assess affordability on a case by case basis
  • Use a bespoke human underwriting process
  • Don’t use clients’ income multiples
  • Look for a positive outcome where possible

The new tool also provides Buckinghamshire Building Society with enhanced insights to understand the types of borrowers that advisers are seeking solutions for.

Find our brand new Affordability Calculator on our website here.

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