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Castle Trust Update

Here is an update from Castle Trust and a reminder that you can view their latest products and their lending criteria. All the documents that you need can also be downloaded here.  For more information or support with queries, contact our team today.


New Exclusive


  • 70% LTV @ 3.95%
  • 10 Year Term, 5 Year Fixed, 2 Year ERC
  • Customers applicable to: FTL, LTD Co, Personal Names, Portfolio Landlords
  • Assets – BTL, Holiday Lets, MUB’s, Multiple Properties on one title, HMO’s up to 6 beds, Portfolios

Product guide

We have removed Ex-Pats & Foreign national applicants from this Exclusive, however we still cater for these clients on our standard range.

Rate Drop & new product!!

We have also dropped all rates on the core range by 0.10 & removed all standard loadings (we may still load for some foreign national & ex-pat cases). The 3 year Fixed has also been removed. So, our new rates will look like:


We have replaced the 3 year fixed with a 5:2 option. This is again a 10 Year Term, 5 Year Fixed with only a 2 Year ERC.

  • 65% net – 4.74%
  • 70% net – 4.9%
  • 75% net – 4.94%
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