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Online Charity Poker

NO GAMBLING. Raise money for the NHS and have fun.

Simply make a donation and connect with others in the industry using a free app that requires no gambling account and has no cost. Donate via our Just Giving Page and we will send you a link to a fun online poker tournament!

What are we doing and why?

We want to raise money for the NHS whilst helping those locked down in the mortgage industry connect to others in a positive and fun way. Last year's was such a success we are bringing it back!

When does it start?

Round 1 starts on 1st March but there will be plenty of alternative dates in the subsequent weeks to enable as many entries as possible. Subsequent rounds will be confirmed after Round 1.


Your questions answered

NHS Charities Together will receive all of your donations plus any gift aid less only any charges made by Just Giving (we believe these are now 0% for this charity). 

Donate via:

You play for free, with no gambling account needed.  It’s all possible thanks to a free app that is available on multiple devices and platforms – you don’t even need cards or a camera! The tournament is organised and supervised by us.

The invite is only available to those that donate online but other than that, no extra cost, no footprint; just good clean fun.  In addition, there is no means of spending to continue in the game or give you an advantage; it’s an equal playing field.  Players can donate again to re-enter the competition in round one but on each table all players will have an equal opportunity to win and enjoy!

If you don’t yet play then there is time to watch a few videos on YouTube.  Find a Texas Hold’em Poker Tutorial that works for you.  You will need to know the rules but as it is for charity, with no gambling, you can use it as a space to learn and have fun.  You can also play with Poker Hand Rankings at your side if it helps.

Only up until the last table of Round 1 is confirmed.  As this is about having fun and raising money for a good cause we will allow people to enter  more than once up until this stage but this opportunity will be closed before the last table of Round 1 is annonuced.  At this stage, it is a pure knockout competition.  

There are no opportunities to buy back in to games that are in progress.  This will apply throughout the tournament. 

We will set dates for tables based on the number of people who register to play.  We will allocate spaces based on availability.  Each round will be a knock-out tournament but the numbers that progress to the next round will depend on the numbers registered.  Essentially, it is a knock-out tournament where the winner (and possibly others) will progress to the next round.  The number of rounds will again depend on the numbers registered.

The winner will be presented with the now prestigious Brilliant Online Charity Poker Trophy.   Best of luck!

1. How to Open and Use the App (1 of 4)

2. How to join the Brilliant Charity Poker Event (2 of 4)

3. How to join your allocated game (3 of 4)

4. How to use the App to talk to others (4 of 4)

1.  Donate to the NHS Charities Together through our Just Giving page:

2. Spread the word with colleagues and others in the industry.

3.  Help promote this via social media.  Share your donation and registration and more.

4. Join in the fun!

How can I donate and play?

STEP 1: Click here to donate to the NHS on our Just Giving page.
STEP 2: Contact us on 01792 277555 and let us know you have donated and want to be registered.
STEP 3: We will register you and contact you to arrange a date that works for you to join in the fun.

Need more info? Use the Contact Us form on this site to get in touch or submit the form below for a call back.

    Get involved today, have fun for a great cause.

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