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Dudley BS Update

The Dudley mortgage range is available via our fees free specialist mortgage packager team or via our direct to lender mortgage club.  Their latest product information is available here and their criteria details are available here (but is password protected so contact us or Dudley for further details). 

Lender announcement

We have reintroduced our debt consolidation criteria!

We’re delighted to announce further support for your clients who are looking for a solution to combine their outstanding debts into one place, through the relaunch of our debt consolidation criteria.

Consolidation of debt criteria (whether or not the property is mortgaged to the Society, another lender or not mortgaged at all):

  • We can consider applicants who wish to raise additional funds as part of a re-mortgage or further advance
  • Maximum loan-to-value of 75% for both repayment and interest-only applications
  • We can now consolidate other debts not related to home improvements
  • For additional borrowing applications, we will review any history of previous debt consolidation exercises
  • Our approach to the settlement of debts from funds being raised is dictated by whether the mortgage would be affordable if the outstanding debt was not cleared

As a responsible lender, we will pay careful attention to both the debt consolidation being requested and to any pattern of previous debt consolidation to ensure it is suitable for your clients. 

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