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Dudley BS Update

The Dudley mortgage range is available via our fees free specialist mortgage packager team or via our direct to lender mortgage club.  Their latest product information is available here and their criteria details are available here (but is password protected so contact us or Dudley for further details). 

Lender announcement

Self-build and Holiday Let criteria enhancements

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve made further enhancements to our self-build and holiday let criteria as we continue to improve our product range, following our phased return to the market earlier this year.

We will now be allowing additional flexibility on the age of applicants that we accept for self-build mortgages, meaning that we have made our self-build product range accessible for those within the in and into retirement age bracket.

In addition, while our holiday let product was previously only available for remortgages, we will now also accept holiday let purchases. In order for a holiday let purchase case to be submitted, we will require a rental estimate, provided by an ARLA approved lettings agent, as well as a breakdown of any expected maintenance costs.

Full information on our self-build and holiday let criteria is available in our Intermediary Manual and product details, which can be accessed through our website.

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