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Family BS Product Update

The latest update from Family Building Society  can be found here.  Remember, we are able to package on a fees free basis for Family Building Society and also offer support to brokers who wish to deal directly via our mortgage club.  Further details are available across our website.  Full details of product range here.


Owner occupier

2 year interest only fixed will be brought back starting at 3.09%

5 year interest only fixed will increase by 25bps


UK landlord 5 year fixed will increase by 10bps

Expat and Ltd Co will remain the same

Product Flyer

Changes to our mortgage products

We’ve made some changes to our range of mortgage products, which will take effect from today, 3 March 2022. The key changes are summarised as follows:

  • Fixed rate Owner Occupier products adjusted
  • Discount product pay rates held, with the level of discount from MMRs increased (subject to floor rates of the current pay rates)
  • 3 year Interest-Only discount Product Fee reduced to £599
  • Limited Company and Expat BTL rates unchanged

See full details of our product range here.

The deadline for receipt of applications for all withdrawn mortgage products is:

  • 5pm on Tuesday 8 March, through our Mortgage Hub and
  • 5pm on Tuesday 8 March by paper
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