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Foundation Update

Foundation Home Loans has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion. 

Foundation offers new products for HMOs and expands range for Residential First-time Buyers who fall outside of mainstream credit criteria

Foundation Home Loans is pleased to announce the launch of new products across both buy-to-let and owner-occupied mortgage ranges.

For your Buy to let landlords

A range of 2- and 5-year fixed rate re-mortgage specials at 65% and 75% LTV, with reduced upfront costs to appeal to landlords or limited companies, and may particularly offer value to portfolio landlords looking to re-mortgage a number of properties. Now with a 1% product fee and still the remortgage incentive package of:

  • One free standard valuation per case
  • £250 cashback on completion
  • No application fee

Improved rates on the BTL F2 tier which is available to borrowers with some historic credit blips or niche properties, including reductions on HMOs and large HMOs

Foundation welcomes borrowers with a broad range of acceptable credit levels including those who have been furloughed or used a mortgage payment deferral. These products suit many borrowers who may not meet the criteria of mainstream lenders.

For your residential clients

  • New first-time-buyer products at 75% in addition to reduced rates on the existing 80% LTV FTB products

Foundation offers a wide scope of criteria for residential borrowers with complex income and employment, including the recently self-employed and those with mixed self-employed and PAYE income.

Additionally, all Foundation products now have a rolling end date. This means upon completion customers will benefit from the full 2- or 5- year period of their rate.

BTL Individual Product Guide

BTL Limited Company Product Guide

Residential Product Guide

Product withdrawal notice
We wanted to give you a bit of advanced notice that we will be withdrawing every product on our buy to let and residential ranges for a reprice in January.

To find out more about our products, download our latest product guides from our document library

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