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Foundation Update

Foundation Home Loans has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion. 

Changes to our COT process and solicitor panel

We are making changes to our COT process and solicitor panel.

Changes will be implemented in stages and we will inform you of our new functionality every step of the way.

We are pleased to advise you that from April, solicitors who have ULS access can submit a COT electronically to Foundation Home Loans via the eCOT system provided by ULS.

We are moving the management of our solicitor panel to ULS which should give intermediaries access to a wider range of vetted and approved solicitors to use with us. We are launching with a very large panel built from our last two years of business, however, should you wish to use a firm that is not on the list, the solicitor firm can apply to ULS directly to be added to the Foundation Home Loans panel.  

We hope that these measures increase efficiency as well as security for your business as well as ours. Should you have any difficulty, please contact us at 0344 770 8033.  Thank you for your continued support.

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