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Hodge Update

Here is the latest update from the Hodge Bank.  You can access their full product set, including equity release via our mortgage club as well as some packaged mortgage options too. 

Latest Announcement from Hodge Bank

85% LTV now available on 50+ fixed rate repayment mortgages
We’ve increased the maximum LTV on our two and five-year fixed 50+ repayment mortgages from 75% to 85%.

Our two and five-year fixed products currently have an interest rate of between 3.49% and 3.75%, we also offer fee-free options and consider up to six times income multiples on like-for-like remortgages.

What makes us different?
For 50+ and RIO Mortgages, at Hodge we…
  • Consider earned income, both employed and self-employed, up to a maximum age of 80
  • Look at pre and post retirement income, there’s no upper age limit if the mortgage is affordable on pension income
  • Can lend up to six times income on a like-for-like remortgage
  • Lend from age 50 with a maximum term of 41 years for 50+ (with no end date for RIO)
  • Only need one client to be aged 50, we can look at a second applicant under 50.
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