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Hodge Update

Here is the latest update from the Hodge Bank.  You can access their full product set, including equity release via our mortgage club as well as some packaged mortgage options too. 

Latest Announcement from Hodge Bank

You asked, we listened – exciting criteria enhancements

You asked, we listened – We always take your feedback on board and we’re excited to announce some criteria enhancements. We’ve made these changes so you can help even more customers and grow your business, at Hodge, we’re always working with you.

Our criteria enhancements: 

  • We’ve reduced our minimum property value from £120,000 down to £100,000 across all our mortgages.
  • We’ll now accept traditional Scottish tenement flats.
  • We’ll now accept properties with private drainage (septic tanks) and we’ll consider properties with shared drainage provided legal arrangements are in place for maintenance and access.

See more about our criteria. 

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