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HTB Update

Here is an update from the BTL and Commercial Mortgage lender, Hampshire Trust Bank.  For full details see their latest product information here.   This is a packaged only lender so give our team a call and we can talk you through any enquiries you may have. 

HTB Announcement

Applications that require completion by 31 March 2021 (Stamp Duty deadline)

 I want to let you know that from today, we have taken the decision not to accept any new applications that require completion before the Stamp Duty deadline on 31st March 2021.

We have taken this decision to allow you to plan ahead with your clients and to manage expectations accordingly. On all new applications we will require an email confirmation that confirms the client does not expect to complete before the Stamp Duty deadline.

We have been saying for some time that we cannot guarantee completion by the end of March 2021, however we feel it is now the right time to take this a step further. This is not an easy decision. Typically around 25% of deals complete within 3 months of us receiving an application so from a “getting the most amount of assets on the books” point of view, it would be better for us to keep going. However it would be unfair of me to put you and your clients into a completion lottery. We are committed to being fair and transparent.

Of course, we are still offering our full range of lending options to help provide solutions to your clients with complex needs.

We are able to help you with complex loans: providing lending solutions for limited companies, expats, trusts on and offshore as well as foreign nationals. We can lend on semi-commercial & holiday lets helping your clients to diversify their portfolios.

Our latest lending solutions:

  • We have launched our new Large Loan Exclusive, giving borrowers of loans over £1m a 3.25% five year fixed-rate product for buy to let loans up to 60% LTV.
  • We brought you our 5:2 product, giving your clients the certainty and leverage provided by a five-year fix with the flexibility of a two.
  • We launched our Refurb IN Term product, allowing a borrower to wrap-up a light refurbishment into their normal term arrangement.
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