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The office will be closed from 5pm today for staff training, open as normal tomorrow. 

Our office will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 20th October to 9am Friday, 21st October.
If you have any cases or enquiries that this may affect, please contact our team today. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Brilliant Loans direct number, 01792 277 277,  is not currently working.

Please Call us via Brilliant Solutions on 01792 277 555, option 3

We hope to resolve this asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.


In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our offices will be closed on Monday 19th September while our staff pay their respects.

The office will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 20th September.

Kent Reliance Update

Find the latest update from Kent Reliance here.  To see their full criteria and product information go to their Intermediary site here.  Access these product via our direct to lender mortgage club and get the benefits of payment on completion. 

Kent Reliance for Intermediaries – Important product withdrawals

Kent Reliance for Intermediaries are withdrawing both their current buy to let and residential ranges and launching new ranges in their place.

To secure a product from the current range, including limited edition products, you must have completed the initial submission with fees paid before 5pm on Thursday 31 March.

Full submission including upload of the essential items checklist must be complete by 5pm on Thursday 14 April.

The new ranges will be available on the Kent Reliance for Intermediaries website from 10am on Friday 1 April.

Kent Reliance for Intermediaries – NEW core residential range

I am delighted to announce that as part of Kent Reliance for Intermediaries hand crafted approach to underwriting, we are launching a new residential range to help provide solutions for your clients with effect from tomorrow Friday 1st April. 

Our new core range features products with no maximum loan amount on loans up to 90% LTV and includes a choice of fixed or percentage fee options making it easier for you to place your cases.

Key features of the new core residential range includes:

>. Lending up to 90% LTV
>. Purchase and remortgages (including day one remortgages) 
>. Defaults and CCJs –  0 in 24 months – not counted where registered over 24 months 
>. Missed mortgage payments – 0 in last 12 months and currently up to date
>. Unsecured arrears – 2 missed payments in last 12 months and currently up to date

However we understand that sometimes, depending on your clients profile, you may need a little extra flexibility.  By applying a common-sense approach to our decision making means we could help your clients where other lenders may struggle.  With this in mind we have introduced an additional range for when clients need extra flexibility.

 ‘A little extra flexibility’ – key features include:

>. Up to 2 defaults and 1 CCJ considered in last 2 years (not counted where registered over 24 months)
>. Missed mortgage payments – 0 in last 6 months and currently up to date
>. Unsecured arrears – 2 missed payments in last 12 months and currently up to date
>. DMPs must have been satisfactorily conducted for a minimum of 12 months

Tracker rates re-introduced

>. Tracker rates from 3.24% 
>. Up to 90% LTVs available for purchase and remortgages
>. Reversion rates reduced to 4.24% 
>. No maximum loan amount up to 90% LTV* 
>. £995 product fee up to £1.5 million* 
>. 0.25% product fees available for loans over £1.5 million* 
*Applies to specific products 

In addition we have taken the opportunity to revisit our further advance and retention products so they are aligned with our new residential offering. 

Further Advances 

>. Further Advance range has also been updated so that pay rates will now match the new business products with the exception of the product fee for further advances which will now be 0.5%.

Retention Products (Product Transfers)

>. Our Retention range has also been updated and now aligned to our core product range with the exception of the product fee for retention products which is set at 0.25%.

I hope that you’ll agree that this repositioning of our residential range demonstrates our approach to hand crafted solutions for your clients. 

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