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Kent Reliance Shared Ownership Webinar

Webinar Resources

Thank you for attending the Shared Ownership Webinar by Kent Reliance For Intermediaries.  Some of the follow up answers to the session have been posted below including access to the slides.  CPD certificates have been emailed to attendees so if you have not yet received yours, do Contact Us

Find your nearest KRFI BDM here or visit their intermediary website here.  KRFI also offers live chat on their Contact Us page. 

Remember, our team are also available to help and you can access their products through our direct to lender mortgage club which not only gives you the support you need but pays you on the day of completion.

Supporting Information

Access the shared ownership ‘Hot Spots’ slide and find out what is happening in your region.

You are also able to Download the Presentation

The Q&A centred around:-

  • Eligibility
  • Hotspots
  • Stair casing

The slides in the presentation give more detail on eligibility and the Hot Spots slide has been made available.  

Most lenders will not consider stair casing until a minimum of 6 months of ownership as it is considered in a similar way to a further advance. 

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