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Landbay Update

Landbay has released an intermediary update. Check their Product Guide or Lending Criteria for further details or visit their Broker Portal. You can access Landbay products, using the Brilliant Solutions direct to lender mortgage club and receive payment on completion.  Contact us for further information. 

Landbay Announcement

Our latest product refresh includes increased LTV for small HMOs & MUFBs, plus increased loan sizes and reduced rates for standard properties. All products are now live on our broker portal, which features our 2-minute DiP.

  • Small HMOs & MUFBs now up to 75% LTV
  • HMOs & MUFBs Max loan size now up to £1.5M
  • New Build Max Loan Size now up to £750,000
  • Standard 2 year fixed rate 3.54% up to 75% LTV
  • Standard 5 Year fixed rate 3.54% up to 60% LTV
  • Standard 5 Year fixed rate 3.74% up to 75% LTV
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