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Lendinvest’s latest announcement can be viewed here.  Remember, their BTL product set is available via our Direct to Lender Mortgage Club as well as through our fees free packaging service.  We also offer their Bridging range too.  Full details are available hereContact our team to discuss any cases or criteria in detail across their full range. 


Up to 80% LTVs and funding for first-time landlords

Today I am delighted to announce updates to our Buy-to-Let product range, which gives your clients more choice for their next buy to let loan.

As well as increasing LTVs and loan limits, we now lend on student lets and to first-time landlords.

See all of the details on our updated product page, where you can also get an instant quote. Visit

Our range now includes include: 

  • Up to 80% LTV on standard properties for loans up to £500k 
  • Up to £1.5 million max loan sizes for standard properties
  • MUFBs up to £3 million and 75% LTV
  • Reduced fee on small HMOs up to 6 rooms
  • Funding for student let HMOs up to 6 rooms
  • Funding for first-time landlords
  • Max LTV for new-builds has increased to 75%
  • £500 cashback on legal fees on certain five-year products
  • £200 cashback on all applications where Open Banking is used
  • £150 valuation fees
  • Low rates starting from 2.99%

If you are ready to submit next your deal, get an instant DIP by logging in to your broker portal.

You can also get an instant quote on our Buy-to-Let page, or download our criteria guide for all of the necessary updates. To get your offers quickly, make sure your case is packaged correctly by looking at our packaging requirements

This was followed up by further details:

Lendinvest made some significant changes to our BTL offering, bringing back Student Lets , FTL’s, New builds and increased its max loan £1m @ 75%.

Standard BTL

  • Limited Edition 80% LTV max advance £500k
  • Max advance now £1m @ 75% LTV
  • First Time Landlord ( FTL) acceptable to 70% LTV
  • NEW BUILDS houses & Flats up to 75% LTV 
  • Studio Flats now acceptable in Greater London

SMALL HMO’s upto 6 rooms

  • STUDENTS LETS accepted now up to 75%LTV
  • PRODUCT FEE reduced to 1.5% 


  • Now up to 75% LTV – £1m Advance

Cashback – up to £700

  • 5yr fixed rate – standard properties  – £500 cashback towards legals
  • Use Open Banking for any application £200 cashback towards legals ( any property type)

The Criteria for the Limited Edition 80% LTV only is as follows :-

  1. Max Loan size 500k
  2. Only for single dwellings and flats ( no flats above commercial)
  3. MIN 40K income
  4. For both Remo’s & Purchases
  5. Cannot add product fee above LTV ( Gross 80% LTV) 
  6. Clean credit profile – no defaultys, ccjs or missed mortgage payments
  7. Experienced landlords only ( No FTL)
  8. Completion no later than the 31st March 2021


Here is a link to our new rates and criteria, the calculators have been updated ( be mindful that these now default to the 80% LTV when selecting max loan)

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