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LendInvest have released the following product update (see below for details).  Remember, their BTL product set is available via our Direct to Lender Mortgage Club as well as through our fees free packaging service.  We also offer their Bridging range too.  Full details are available hereContact our team to discuss any cases or criteria in detail across their full range. 

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Summer Specials

  • Two-year fixed 75% LTV mortgage at 3.49%
  • Five-year fixed 75% LTV mortgage at 3.59%
  • Five-year fixed 75% LTV mortgages at 3.69% with a 4% ICR.
These are available until 31 August 2020 but we reserve the right to withdraw them at any time.
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Increased LTVs for Small HMOs

We’ve introduced 75% LTV products for our standard HMOs, with rates for both two- and five-year fixed products. 

We’ve also reduced the minimum property value for HMOs to £250k in Greater London and £100k elsewhere across the country. 

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Bigger projects

You can begin offering your clients opportunities on large HMOs and MUFBs up to 10 rooms again. 

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New-build houses and flats

We are welcoming back applications for new-build properties up to 70% LTV, to assist your clients buying brand new properties that are being finished now restrictions have been relaxed.

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Simpler remortgaging for landlords incorporating their portfolios

If your portfolio landlord clients have an existing loan with LendInvest already and are looking to incorporate their portfolio into a limited company with us, we will waive our early repayment charges.

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