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Nationwide Update

Here is the latest update from Nationwide Building Society.  For full details see their latest product information here.   Access these product via our direct to lender mortgage club and get the benefits of payment on completion. 

Increased maximum term on 90% LTV lending

From tomorrow, Thursday 21 January, we’re increasing the maximum loan term at 90% LTV back to 40 years. This change applies to all cases that receive their first DIP on or after Thursday 21 January.

Please remember that for lending over 85% LTV, our enhanced criteria still applies

On average, it currently takes 15 working days for you to receive an offer on 90% LTV cases – half the time it was taking at the start of December.

Have you noticed our improved timescales?

An initial assessment now only takes 3 working days on average. And valuations are completed within 6 days on average.

Check our improved timescales

Please remember that if the application doesn’t meet the criteria and/or it fails the credit score, it will be declined.

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