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Natwest Updates

NatWest for Intermediaries has released a product update. For their latest products visit the product page on their website or the news section of their intermediary website.  A summary of the changes is below.  Contact us for more information. 

Green Mortgages Launch

As part of the NatWest Groups commitment to our climate agenda we recently announced the launch of our Green Mortgage Product Range.

What you need to know:

  • The Green mortgage product range will provide preferential interest rates on selected products (excluding shared equity and help to buy), specifically for those customers who purchase a residential property that has an Energy Performance Certificate rating of A or B.
  • The Property must have a current EPC rating of A or B and be recorded as such on the respective Government Registers, the links for which can be found on our A-Z of Lending Policy. You must check the appropriate Register to confirm the current rating, prior to submission of any application.
  • The new offering is available at 60%,75% and 85% LTV. (Our maximum LTV on New Build applications remains at 80%)
  • The products are available for residential Purchase transactions and Porting only and will be offered across all distribution channels across the bank.
  • Eligible products will be displayed across all sourcing systems.

What you need to do:

  • Prior to submitting a Green mortgage application, please ensure that the current EPC rating is either A or B.
  • Review the ‘Green Mortgages’ section (including FAQs) on our A-Z page of our website.
  • Our application form has been updated to include a new question “Is this a Green Mortgage Application?”.
  • Please follow your usual sales, advice and submission process.


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