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Optimum Update

Here is the latest release from Optimum Credit.  Contact our team to discuss any cases.

Optimum Credit Broker Bulletin March 2021. 

From the 16th March 2021 Optimum will no longer reference OBR (Optimum Base Rate) in customer documentation and will start referencing LBR (Lender Base Rate) this rate will be linked to SONIA (Sterling Overnight Index Average).

Attached is the insert that will be sent with all Offers during the transition period


“Your interest rate is [interest rate] comprised of [margin] above LBR (which is currently [LBR]).  We may vary LBR in accordance with condition 4 of your GMCs, usually to reflect a change in our cost of funding.  Our cost of funding is affected by changes in SONIA, so LBR will usually change when SONIA changes.  We will contact you prior to any change taking effect.”


Due to a confluence of issues we are postponing the release that is required to migrate from OBR to LBR. This is now likely to be released w/c 22nd. I will advise on the exact date through the issuing of a further Bulletin.

In addition we will be changing the insert that will be sent with all offers so can I please ask that you delete the previous versions of this Bulletin and await the revised copy.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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