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Mortgage Product Update

Product Blast w/e 10 Jul

Update Overview

Accord dive back into Northern Ireland but out of 90% LTV FTB mortgages.  Bucks expand their family assist range and significant criteria updates from Halifax and Virgin Money. Ipswich out of BTL. 

Residential Mortgages

Accord CHANGES Withdrawal from 90% LTV FTB but entering Northern Ireland.
Buckinghamshire CHANGES Enhancements to their family assist range
Cambridge WITHDRAWN Some 2yr fixed and discounts
Furness NEW New 95% range for local residents.
Halifax CHANGES Many criteria changed on income.
Leeds CHANGES Minor changes and withdrawals.
Monmouth WITHDRAWN 2yr and 5yr 90% Deals
Newcastle CHANGES Rate reductions and improvements to range up to 80% LTV.
Principality CHANGES Changes to income and affordability criteria. Rate increases.
Santander CHANGE The £250 cashback element has been removed from the 85% Purchases
Skipton CHANGES Rate increases of up to 0.21% and end dated changed on products to Oct or Dec
Saffron CHANGES Lender fees halved on Self-Build
Virgin CHANGES Adverse credit criteria materially changed.

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Buy to Let Mortgages

Ipswich WITHDRAWN All BTL, Ex-PAT BTL, Boliday let etc.
Metro REDUCED Rates on 75% LTV BTL.
Principality INCREASES Rates up or fees up.
Skipton CHANGE Reduced rates by up to 0.15%

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Secured Loans, Bridging & Development, Commercial Mortgages

Optimum NEW Secured Loan Will now offer further advances. This lender offers 95% LTV.

This sector sees little in the way of genuine product rate changes and updates.  Contact us for further information. 

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