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Progressive Building Society Update

Progressive Building Society have announced some forthcoming changes.  See below for details.  For current product information, lending criteria etc their intermediary website can be accessed here  REMEMBER, you can also speak to our dedicated Specialist team for more information or guidance.

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  • Selected fixed rates for house purchase amended
  • Selected fixed rates for remortgage amended
  • Selected fixed rates for foreign currency amended
  • Northern Ireland Co-ownership fixed product amended

Please note that the Society also has introduced enhanced income multiples – notes relating to this are detailed below. 

Enhanced income multiples & minimum income requirement

In addition to the application passing our affordability assessment, we will allow an enhanced income multiple to be applied, where the following minimum income requirement is met:

  • Sole application – minimum income requirement – £40,000 pa;
  • Joint application – minimum joint income requirement – £70,000 pa.

Where an applicant is employed, the minimum income requirement is based on the basic gross salary only and does not permit overtime, bonuses etc.  Where the applicant is self-employed, the minimum income is based on the most recent SA302 and Tax Year Overview.  We will not accept projected income to meet a minimum income requirement.

Our enhanced income multiples are as follows:

Loan to Value (LTV)

Enhanced income multiple (single or joint)

Up to 80% LTV


Up to 85% LTV


Up to 90% LTV


Up to 95% LTV



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