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Recommended Reading: Articles of Note -Wk 4

Staying on top of important news stories is tough, especially when there is so much going on in the industry and so much that is published that is just ‘noise’.  We’ve found a solution that can help! We started to work as a team internally to help digest the information and share the key stories without bias. No, this is not about promoting Brilliant either.  It’s about helping people in the industry stay informed and highlight content we enjoyed. 

Here is our selection for the week ending 5th July.  So much to pick from this week but the main focus has been on the market updates following the end of Q2.  

Top Articles

Paul Brett of Landbay goes into detail on the AVM world with a particularly important explanation of the US legislation and its impact here.  Securitisation is possible with AVMs but… 

Mortgage Introducer also published an interesting Q&A between Adrian Moloney, Sales Director at OneSavings Bank and Greg Cunnington, Director at Alexander Hall discussing the importance of taxation and professional relationships in advice

Market Conditions

It is important to stay on top of what is going on in the market and we’ve had some data from the ONS on the housing market following the property price falls revealed by Nationwide this week.  There has been important data on mortgage lending from the Bank of England, Fleet have released their regular Lettings report with interesting information on yields and Fiona Hoyle of the Finance and Leasing Association has detail on the second charge market. These articles will give you a sense of what is happening.  

Best of the Rest

Good news from the FCA on fees.  Thanks to Robert Sinclair and his team at AMI for all they do for the market. 

Let us know your thoughts or suggestions!

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