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Recommended Reading: Articles of Note

Staying on top of important news stories is tough, especially when there is so much going on in the industry and so much that is published that is just ‘noise’.  We’ve found a solution that can help! We started to work as a team internally to help digest the information and share the key stories without bias. No, this is not about promoting Brilliant either.  It’s about helping people in the industry stay informed and highlight content we enjoyed. 

This post was first published on 14th June 2020 on our previous website.  The content is the same but as brokers have found it useful we have moved it here so people can still access it in the weeks ahead. 

Tackling Racism

First up is Dominic Scott, Managing Director of Alexander Hall. A fantastic article entitled Tackling Racism and published in Mortgage Introducer.  It is well worth your time if you have not read it already. Yes, it is relevant. 

Buy to Let

The next two articles take a sensible look at what is going on at the moment and importantly why so thanks to Paul Brett at LandBay and Jeff Knight at Foundation for some well put points in these articles, both in Mortgage Introducer.  No bias here I promised, it’s just how the cards have fallen! 

There is always something that government policy will throw up that was never considered until it started to happen, and then it seems so obvious!  Landlords seeking to use ‘Bounce Back Loans’ would seem to fit into that category.  This is a good overview in Mortgage Solutions.  

Best of the Rest

For those that have a bit more time, you may be interested in the following article which gives a view on the reported increase in advisers looking for new brokerages.

News wise, some points you may have missed in the noise of house prices and 90% LTVs… A new Estate Agency body has launched.  Also, as reported in Financial Reporter, it is interesting to see that landlords are less likely to take mortgage payment holidays.

We hope this is of help.  We’ll be releasing something weekly so feel free to send through any articles you think should be included. 

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