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Staying on top of important news stories is tough, especially when there is so much going on in the industry and so much that is published that is just ‘noise’.  We’ve found a solution that can help! We started to work as a team internally to help digest the information and share the key stories without bias. No, this is not about promoting Brilliant either.  It’s about helping people in the industry stay informed and highlight content we enjoyed. 

This post was first published on 19th June 2020 on our previous website.  The content is the same but as brokers have found it useful we have moved it here so people can still access it in the weeks ahead. 

Key Industry Reports

Key Industry Reports
Skip this paragraph if you are looking for lighter articles!

We are starting with the bed time reading. Important changes in Equity Release to come following the FCA’s report on advice standards. Whether you are in Equity Release or not, it is worth noting their comments. There is also some great insight with the Later Life Lending Report via Best Advice. The other important report is more forward looking, UK Finance published their Open Banking Report this week.


The Market

House prices are crucial so whilst the article is not particularly interesting, it is important nonetheless. Savills revise their forecast for 2020 to a 7.5% price drop. MT Finance have also released their survey on broker opinions on the recovery and more, it’s worth looking at.

Some good reads here from Rob Clifford of Stonebridge with a sensible analysis and insight published on Best Advice, and also from and Steve Cox of Fleet on demand levels so do give those a read.

Best of the Rest

News wise, Castle Trust has had its banking licence restrictions removed (part of the full banking process) so expect developments there.

An article we enjoyed that was indirectly related to the industry was this article on social media, “You are what you consume”, by Matt Smith.

We hope this is of help.  We’ll be releasing something weekly so feel free to send through any articles you think should be included. 

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