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Santander Update

View here for Santander’s latest announcements.   Please remember that you can access Santander products, including semi-exclusive mortgages, through our direct to lender mortgage club which pays on completion.  Contact us for more information. 

Changes to customer identification requirements

On Sunday 6 December, we made it easier to verify an applicant’s identity and how you certify documents you submit to us.

Electronic Identification (EID)

We’ll continue to perform an electronic identification check on all new full mortgage applications. Where we need additional evidence of an applicant’s proof of identity and address, we’ll automatically request this once you’ve submitted the application. 

Here are the MATS requests we’ll make:  

Proof of identification

We need proof of identification to support this application. Please provide a copy of either a passport or photocard driving licence.

For information about alternative acceptable identification documents see this guide.

Proof of address

We need proof of the address to support this application. Please provide a copy of either a utility bill (dated within last 3 months) or council tax bill (dated in last 12 months).

Alternatively, you can provide a copy of a photocard driving licence if this hasn’t already been used as proof of identification.

For information about alternative acceptable identification documents see this guide.  

Certifying documents

To make it simpler for you to upload documents to us you’ll no longer need to certify any documents, or pages of documents. Instead we’ve added a declaration to the application form on Introducer Internet which says:  I confirm that all documents I submit are true copies of original documents relating to the party/parties on this application.

Affordability update

We’ve updated our affordability calculation. Please use our affordability calculator to see how much your client may be able to borrow.

Pipeline rules

These changes are effective for all full mortgage applications (FMAs) submitted from 6am on Sunday 6 December. FMAs submitted prior to this won’t be affected by these changes.

Further information

We’ve updated our submitting evidence and supporting documents page to reflect the change to certifying documents.


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