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Santander Update

View here for Santander’s latest announcements.   Please remember that you can access Santander products, including semi-exclusive mortgages, through our direct to lender mortgage club which pays on completion.  Contact us for more information. 

Selected fixed rates reducing up to 0.26%

On Tuesday 16 February, we’re making changes to our new business mortgage range:

Selected fixed rates reducing up to 0.26% across all LTVs.

£250 cashback being added to selected residential 2 and 5 year fixed rates at 85% and 90% LTV.

£250 cashback being added to selected Help to Buy fixed rates at 60% and 75% LTV.

Visit our website for full details of these changes.


On Wednesday 24 February, we’re making some important changes to our residential lending criteria:

Interest only sale of the mortgaged property equity buffer increasing to £250,000

We’re increasing the minimum equity buffer where sale of the mortgaged property is the repayment vehicle to £250,000 (previously £150,000).


Reminder – for part and part applications the equity buffer includes the repaid capital and interest element at the end of the term. Please see our guide for more information.

Affordability update

We’re updating the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data we use to calculate how much your client could borrow. Our affordability calculation will be updated to reflect these changes.


Further information

Our usual pipeline rules will apply. All full mortgage applications (FMAs) already submitted on Introducer Internet by 9pm on Tuesday 23 February won’t be affected by these changes. Any FMAs submitted from 6am on Wednesday 24 February, or where a material change is made to an FMA submitted before 9pm on Tuesday 23 February, will be assessed on our updated lending policy.

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