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Together Update

Below is an update from Together, the Bridging and Commercial Mortgage lender, that you can access via our bridging and commercial mortgage team.  Contact our team today for more information or click here to view their product cards. 


The latest updates from Together
You asked. We listened. We’ve delivered.

Exclusive Access

Regulated Bridge – Refinance as exit now accepted

Thanks to your feedback, from today we are accepting refinance as an exit strategy for a regulated bridging case up to 70% LTV*

This is an exclusive policy change for our Gold partners, and as we are working closely with you to become a Gold partner, we want to also open this opportunity to you. We continue to value your support, and will continue to develop exclusive offerings to grow our relationship together.

Why feed Togethers appetite with your regulated bridging deals?

Following our recent rate reductions on our regulated bridging products, we want your introducers and customers to know that we are hungry to support with their regulated bridging needs. In addition to this exclusive policy offering, we continue to provide the following:

  • Rates from 0.59% per month*
  • No lender legal fees
  • Hometrack (desktop) valuations for standard** residential properties subject to loan size and LTV
  • Ability to cross charge against the borrowers property being sold and the onward property being purchased
  • Internal funding subject to the loan type and loan size

*Rates and LTV subject to credit, valuation and all other standard underwriting checks and approval.

**Please see our latest product guide for our full Hometrack criteria

What documents do you need to support the refinance exit strategy?

We need the following items with your application:

  • A regulated Decision In Principal (DIP) covering the loan amount, AND;
  • DIP Screen shots with proof of income ( Last 2 pay slips/accounts certificate/last 2 years SA302s with tax overviews and last 3 months business bank statements); OR
  • A mortgage offer (regulated or CBTL) covering the loan amount

Can Together accept part refinance and part sale?

In short, yes. We need to have the above evidence to prove the refinance element. We need to see the current property on the market for sale to evidence the remaining balance will be cleared by the sale. For applications where the exit is wholly from the sale of the current property we do need evidence the property is on the market for sale.

We hope you are as excited about this exclusive policy change as we are. This change has happened as a result of your continued feedback – so please keep your feedback coming.

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