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Together Update

Below is an update from Together, the Bridging and Commercial Mortgage lender, that you can access via our bridging and commercial mortgage team.  Contact our team today for more information or click here to view their product cards. 


The latest updates from Together
Updates to our personal finance products

We’re making it easier for you to do business with us.

We’re always listening carefully to feedback from our broker community, and we’ve made a number of changes across our Personal Finance products to simplify the application process for you, and reduce costs for your customers. 

You’ll find these updates below and in our refined product cards.

View the product cards.

Personal Finance product updates.

  • To make our products more accessible for your customers, we’ve reduced our Lenders Acceptance Fee cap to £3,000.
  • We’ve changed our maximum loan amount across our variable rates to £200,000 on First Charge and Consumer Buy to Let products (1st and 2nd Charge), and £150,000 on Second Charge products.
  • We’ve also amended our Broker Commission Cap to £5,000.

The new rates, LAF and Commission caps will be applied to any new quotations keyed on to My Broker Venue from 25th March.

Bear in mind, the changes explained above will also apply to any pipeline cases which are requoted on or after this date.

Changes to My Broker Venue.

And finally, you’ll notice we’ve made a helpful addition to My Broker Venue (MBV).

When you submit a case with us and it has been reviewed by one of our experienced underwriters, you’ll receive an email giving you an update. Now, when reviewing your Case Summary on MBV, you will also see an ‘Email Updates‘ button which will let you view any emails you’ve received.

This means you can check anything you’ve missed, and you’ll have everything in one place.

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