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Accord Update

Accord Mortgages have released an update on their product range, the details are set out below.  Accord products are available through our direct to lender mortgage club so contact us for more information on how our club can support your business. 

Accord are reducing rates across a significant number of Residential New Business products.

Accord withdrew their product range yesterday (Monday 20th September 2021 8pm) and replaced this morning (Tuesday 21st September 2021 9am). All end dates have been extended to 31 January 2022.

What’s changing?
A number of product rates reduced by up to 0.31%

  • Selected fixed rates at 75% LTV reduced by up to 0.21%
  • Fixed rates at 80% LTV reduced by up to 0.20%
  • Fixed rates at  85% LTV reduced by up to 0.31%
  • Fixed rates at 90% LTV reduced by up to 0.30%
  • Selected House Purchase products at 95% LTV reduced by up to 0.16%
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