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The office will be closed from 5 pm today for staff training.

We will be open as normal on Monday 22nd July at 9 am. 

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Our office will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 20th October to 9am Friday, 21st October.
If you have any cases or enquiries that this may affect, please contact our team today. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Brilliant Loans direct number, 01792 277 277,  is not currently working.

Please Call us via Brilliant Solutions on 01792 277 555, option 3

We hope to resolve this asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.


In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our offices will be closed on Monday 19th September while our staff pay their respects.

The office will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 20th September.

Bluestone Update

Criteria Update
From immediate effect we have made the following positive changes to our lending criteria.


  • Can use 12 months remittance slips instead of SA302 
  • Can still use SA302 if more favourable  
  • Still need 3 months bank statements as technically s/e 
  • No delay completion – need 12 months at submission 
  • No exceptions less than 12 months 

Foster income 

  • 24 month history 
  • Remittance slips or local authority reference 
  • 12 months income will be used 
  • 3 months bank statements 
  • UW not allowed to ask for their names 
  • No delay completion, actual policy exception 

Builders Deposit 

  • Within acceptable incentives – 5% 
  • Valuers made aware that there is a 5% deposit – valuer needs to comment to confirm they are aware 
  • CML Form 
  • Doesn’t include HTB 

PAYE Fixed term contractors 

  • Day 1 contract accepted 
  • In the industry for 6 months minimum 
  • If current contract has been running for less than 6 months, we need evidence of 6 month industry history 
  • Allow a 4 week gap between jobs 
  • 3 months remaining – at offer
We’ve made contractor policy improvements that will help more of your clients!

Do you have clients who have recently taken a contractor position? Or had to start working as a PAYE contractor due to new legislation? Or maybe your CIS contractors want to use their CIS vouchers to reflect their income rather than SA302’s?

Over the last 2 years, we have seen a rise in contractors looking for mortgages as they have become disenfranchised from the high street and we feel they deserve our support.

So, we now want to tell you more about our policy amendments for your contractor clients:

PAYE Contractor

  • First time contractor accepted, if in the same line of work for 6 months +
  • Minimum 3 months remaining on current contract at time of offer

CIS Worker

  • We now accept 12 months CIS vouchers to determine the gross income used for affordability

If you have any contractor cases you would like to discuss with our team, call us on 0800 368 1833, request a call back or check your cases on Bluelink.

We’ve made changes to our rates, take a look…

We pride ourselves on our communication and transparency with our brokers, so we wanted to let you know we’re making some changes to our product rates.

The new rates will come into effect from Monday 17th January and will affect selected products. Please ensure any applications you wish to submit on the existing product rates are received by 5pm on Saturday 16th January.

The products are live from Monday 17th January in Bluelink and all sourcing systems will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as possible.

Full details of our new rates can be found here.

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