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Bluestone Update

Bluestone Mortgages has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion. 

Bluestone Mortgages Rate & Criteria Changes

These include:

  • Reduced rates on all Clear products
  • Help to Buy Clear and AAA products are back
  • Up to 4 defaults & 3 CCJ’s allowed in the last 3 years per applicant (unsatisfied)
  • Ignore all CCJ’s & Defaults under £300
  • Up to 2 missed payments per unsecured credit in the last 6 months
  • Minimum 1 years self-employed
  • Fees free remortgage products available
  • Use the latest years accounts for affordability
  • Consumer Buy to Let & First-time landlords accepted

Full details on our key features can be found in our latest product guide.

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