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The office will be closed from 5pm today for staff training, open as normal tomorrow. 

Our office will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 20th October to 9am Friday, 21st October.
If you have any cases or enquiries that this may affect, please contact our team today. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are currently experiencing some technical issues that are affecting our telephone lines and internet connection.

We hope to resolve this asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.


In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our offices will be closed on Monday 19th September while our staff pay their respects.

The office will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 20th September.

Family BS Product Update

The latest update from Family Building Society  can be found here.  Remember, we are able to package on a fees free basis for Family Building Society and also offer support to brokers who wish to deal directly via our mortgage club.  Further details are available across our website.  Full details of product range here.


 I am very pleased to announce that we are reducing rates across our semi exclusive product range. We have also reduced some rates for our core product range.

Not only that but we are also increasing our LTV’s to 70% for BTL and 80% for owner occupier!!

The highlights for the semi exclusives include:

BTL – UK Landlord 5 year fixed – (0.1% reduction)

60% – 3.14% – £999 fee
70% – 3.44% – £999 fee 

BTL – Ex pat 5 year fixed – (0.3% reduction)

60% – 3.39% – 1% fee
70% – 3.69% – 1% fee

Interest only owner occupier 2 year fixed – (0.15% reduction)

60% – 2.84% – £999 fee
80% – 3.09% – £999 fee

Interest only owner occupier 5 year fixed – (0.3% reduction)

60% – 3.09% – £999 fee
80% – 3.34% – £999 fee


  • Fixed end dates are unchanged
  • Completion deadline for on-sale products remains unchanged
  • Products which are subject to an increase in their maximum LTV only will not have a new product code, and the current codes remain in place where no change to rate is being implemented

View here

launch of our mortgage products and application deadline

We’ve made some changes to our Owner Occupier and Buy to Let mortgage range which will take effect from today, 16 November 2021. 

These will include some rate reductions and increases to LTVs and the changes are summarised as follows:

Owner Occupier:

  • All products which previously had a maximum LTV of 75% have had this increased to a maximum 80% LTV

  • 3 Year Discount Interest-Only (Core) reduced rate by 0.30%, now from 2.69%.

Buy to Let:

  • UK Landlord and Expat products which previously had a maximum LTV of 65% have had this increased to a maximum 70% LTV (Limited Company Buy to Let LTV remains at 65%)

  • 3 Year Discount (UK Landlord) reduced rate by 0.20% – now from 2.69%

  • 3 Year Discount (Expat) reduced rate by 0.40% – now from 3.59%.

See full details of our product range here.

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