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Family BS Product Update

Family Building Society have announced an updated product range including EXCLUSIVE Products available via Brilliant Solutions.  Our exclusive products are available here but call us to find out more.  Remember, we are able to package on a fees free basis for Family Building Society and also offer support to brokers who wish to deal directly via our mortgage club.  Further details are available across our website.  

Family Building Society Announcement

Time for some good news! We’ve made some changes to our mortgage product range with effect from 24 June 2020:

  • Our 95% LTV Family Mortgage has been reinstated for new business 
  • We now have a range of 75% LTV Owner Occupier products and 65% LTV Buy to Let products
  • We’ve reduced rates across most of our fixed rate products, and extended the completion deadline to 02/01/2021 
  • Product fee for our 5 Year Fixed Rate repayment mortgages reduced to £999.

It’s back!
A reminder of our award winning Family Mortgage 

Our award winning 95% LTV Family Mortgage gives families the flexibility to combine their property and savings as security for a borrower’s mortgage.

  • Your clients can borrow up to 95% LTV
  • Include family members’ savings and/or property as security
  • Include family members’ savings as security in an offset account to reduce the amount of the mortgage on which interest is charged
  • 5 year fixed rate available
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